Octet® AS Offline Biosensor Immobilization Station

Octet® AS enables simultaneous and uniform reagent loading onto all 96 biosensors in a biosensor tray. Target analytes, ligands and other reagents that do not require online signal monitoring can be loaded onto biosensors using the Octet® AS, freeing the Octet® instrument for other users or critical on-line assay steps. This accessory can be installed beside an Octet® system and used in-tandem, or independently.

  • Offline loading of reagents on biosensors
  • Simultaneous loading on up to 96 biosensors
  • Automation compatible
  • Small and portable
  • Ideal for creating large batches of custom biosensors
  • Reduces incubation times

When preparing custom biosensors, incubating with sample shaking and temperature control in Octet® AS improves sample loading efficiency and reproducibility and reduces loading times. Biosensor loading efficiencies can further be improved by using the Octet® AS station in conjunction with a liquid-handling robotic workstation to automate custom biosensor preparation or off-line Octet® assay steps. The Octet® AS station also enables robust, multi-step Octet® immunoassays in lower throughput instruments by allowing intermediate assay steps to be performed off-line and returning to the Octet® for the final analysis steps decreasing overall incubation times.

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Octet® AS Offline Biosensor Immobilization Station Datasheet

Octet® AS Offline Biosensor Immobilization Station

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