Tacta® Mechanical Pipette

Tacta® makes pipetting effortless and safe, while producing accurate and reliable results time after time. It is designed to feel great in your hand, and it is easy and comfortable to use. All materials used for Tacta® have been carefully selected, and each component is designed to meet the highest standards.​

​Single-channel pipettes cover a volume range of  0.1 µL – 10,000 µL, and multichannel pipettes are available from 0.5 µL up to 300 µL volume.

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Tacta® Features

Enjoy Pipetting​

Tacta® rests lightly in your hand thanks to its ergonomically designed handle and finger hook. It is effortless to use and exceptionally comfortable to hold. Tacta® eases your workload and protects you from strain, even when you need to pipette for hours. The pipette will find its place in your hand, and you barely need to grip the handle at all.

Reliable Results

Accidental volume changes during pipetting will be history with the use of the Sartorius Optilock feature. Set and lock the volume either by holding down the volume lock button with one hand and adjusting the volume with the other, then release to lock, or by using just one hand by sliding the volume lock up, adjusting the volume and sliding the lock back down. The choice is in your hands.​​

You can check the set volume without straining your eyes from the large, easy-to-read display with four digits. With Tacta® you don’t need to second guess the last digit and the volume is easy to read even when the pipette is held in an angle – eliminating the need to turn your head into an uncomfortable position.​

Low Operating Forces

The force needed for a complete pipetting cycle, from tip attachment to pipetting and finally tip ejection, is exceptionally low with Tacta®, protecting you from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The Optiload feature, with spring-loaded tip cones in both the single and multichannel models, secures tip loading with perfect sealing and minimal force. Consequently, Optiload also ensures light tip ejection to protect your hand. The light tip ejection is further enhanced by Sartorius Optiject, the soft, levered tip ejection feature that lets the tip detach in a smooth, controlled way with little force.​

Calibration Adjustment

Tacta is very easy to adjust, for various types of liquids, using a simple adjustment key. The adjustment scale at the back of the pipette shows the user adjustment with a quick glance. You can quickly switch from one liquid’s settings to another’s and back. Easy calibration adjustment ensures accurate results with a variety of liquid properties like viscous, warm or cold.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning Tacta® is the quickest and easiest of all pipettes on the market. With only three parts to disassemble and no need for tools makes cleaning effortless. Tacta® can also be steam-sterilized or autoclaved as-is, without disassembly. It has also high UV and chemical resistance.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

This means that the set volume is displayed with numbers only, no lines to count to find out the last digit. This leaves the guesswork completely out reducing the possibility of human error when setting volume.

You can use 2 hands to change the volume, press the lock button down with one hand and use the other hand to turn plunger to change volume. Secon option is to push in and slide up the volume lock to disengage the lock and change the volume with the same hand, this is handy whenever your other hand is occupied. Just remmeber to slide to lock back down to re-enable the lock before pipetting.

In the user manual you can find how much each step means in real life volume, it is different depending on the pipette nominal volume. Use a balance to find out the systematic error for the liquid you are adjusting for, and then use the table from user manual to find out how much correction is needed.

Tacta has built in safe-cone filter ejection mechanism. Push the plunger all the way down and press tip ejection simultaneously. This will eject safe-cone filter(s).

You can rotate the tip ejection collar counter-clockwise to make it longer, and clockwise to make it shorter. This feature might be necessary when using extended tips.

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Pipetting Resources

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