Implementation of Upstream Intensified Manufacturing Strategies

Process Intensification enables you to address the current trends exerting pressure on the biopharmaceutical industry. With the drive to maximize facility utilization, increase facility throughput, and create multi-product capability, there is a need to implement perfusion or enhanced fed-batch approaches.

Upstream solutions like Ambr® 15, Ambr® 250, Biostat® RM, and Biostat STR® enable you to scale from high throughput process development to different seed train and manufacturing scenarios using fed-batch, intensified, or perfusion cultures. You can further enhance process monitoring and control using various integrated Process Analytical Technologies (PAT).

Why is the Industry Moving Towards Intensified Processing?

Miriam Monge talks about the significance of intensified processing and the most exciting Sartorius developments for 2020 and beyond. Watch this interview to stay posted.

Single-Use and Intensified Processing in Commercial Biomanufacturing

How do single-use facilities influence cost of goods in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and what regulatory issues still surround the implementation of single-use technologies? Watch Miriam Monge and Gerben Zijlstra in discussion with Dan Stanton, Editor of Bioprocess Insider.

Bioprocess Intensification - Fast, Flexible and Efficient Solutions

Published as a part of the BioProcess International supplement this compilation of articles details how our experts characterize “process intensification” and how end users can transition toward an increased safety and economic sustainability of continuous processing.

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Making Downstream Processing Continuous and Robust

In a virtual roundtable, BPI has discussed continuous downstream processing with several advisors, end users and supplier companies.

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Integrated Platform for Intelligent Upstream Process Intensification

Watch this webinar to learn how Sartorius can partner for defining Process Intensification strategies during biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Sartorius’ Intensified Manufacturing Platform

Watch this webinar to learn how Sartorius can partner with the selection and implementation of an intensified manufacturing platform.

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View Further Publications on Intensified Processing
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Learn from Our Experts

The Development of Intensified Cell Culture Processes

At ESACT 2019, Copenhagen, Sartorius presented their media and process development tools for the CellCa CHO platform, and the newest data related to process intensification. View this interview with Dirk Mueller to learn more on these new Sartorius solutions.

Webinar: Scalable Technologies for Process Intensification in Biomanufacturing

In this comprehensive webinar, Gerben Zijlstra is discussing the challenges and solutions related to intensified and continuous bioprocessing.

Interview with Gerben Zijlstra on New Tools for Intensified Bioprocessing, ESACT 2019

Continuous processing in biomanufacturing has the potential to increase production capacity, reduce costs and improve biopharmaceutical product quality. View this video to learn more about the tools Sartorius offers and the outstanding product portfolio.

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