Optimize Your Battery Manufacturing Processes and Researches with Actionable Insights

Battery production involves the collection of an astronomical amount of data over the entire process: materials discovery, solid and liquid electrolytes, and electrode and cell manufacturing. Some research communities generate more than 1 petabyte of data per year (1 million Gigabytes - 1e15), while some industries report more than 700 million characterization data per day.

Data sets that are not properly analyzed and interpreted can lead to incorrect decisions, delays and even costly recalls. Incomplete datasets can also lead to wrong predictions.

Sartorius Umetrics® Suite of data analytics software gives you access to powerful yet easy-to-use tools to optimize your manufacturing processes, bring quality products to market faster and increase your production yield.

Across the entire Umetrics® Suite of software, you’ll find clear data visualization, extensive wizard functionality and customizable plots that maximize usability and versatility, without being overly complicated.

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Data Analytics Solutions for Rechargeable Battery Manufacturing

Design of Experiments

Material Development with Design of Experiment

Design of experiment (DOE) is an important and useful tool that can add extra confidence with built-in knowledge and understanding for setting up new experiments to verify or challenge existing knowledge or testing the boundaries for new development.

MODDE® does a lot more than ordinary DOE software. Its built-in guidance and quality measures ensure users make the best experimental choices, so you get the most relevant and effective outcomes. MODDE® is designed to help experimentalists get DOE right from the start.  With an efficient DOE approach to problem-solving, you can:

  • Significantly reduce experimental costs 
  • De-risk projects and increase success rates
  • Make the most of valuable samples, raw materials and human resources 
  • Accelerate progress and time-to-market while keeping within budget

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Finding Hidden Information in Your Data with Multivariate Data Analysis

When developing and implementing a multi-step manufacturing process, each step must be carefully controlled to ensure quality of the end result. SIMCA® can help you quantify how each process step contributes to development of critical issues so that you learn exactly what to monitor, how to avoid quality problems, and how to increase productivity and yield.  

This data must then be processed and exploited to gain better understanding and make the right decision at the right moment. It is very common to use multivariate analysis, a trusted Artificial Intelligence AI & Machine learning ML tool and very useful for getting a comprehensive overview, making quality predictions or monitoring the entire production line in real-time. Adding transparency to AI&ML is very important for the understanding and continuous improvement work, for example in the field of:

  • Particle size measurements in active materials
  • Incoming raw material checking. Same basic material but different vendors, different batches, chemical composition, % of additional components in blend.
  • Process parameter understanding. What has the biggest impact on good vs. bad products.
  • Process control – digitalization effort. Use of all data and make it accessible

SIMCA® Multivariate Data Analysis software is the benchmark data analytics tool for scientists, engineers, researchers, product developers and others striving to gain information from large quantities of data.

This data analysis software tool:  

  • Enables easy production interpretation and analysis of large process data sets 
  • Provides a summary of all types of process information, key trends, correlations and patterns all in one convenient data model 
  • Permits faster troubleshooting
  • Reduces the risk of costly downtime
  • Creates deployable multivariate calibration models for further predictions.

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Supporting Products

Cubis II Compliance and Connectivity

Data Connectivity with Cubis® II Lab Balance

Cubis® II MCA Lab Balance interface eliminates manual data transcription errors and enhances your data quality and integrity.

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Data Analytics Training & Courses

Give your team the advantage of in-house training, which brings some of our top courses on data analytics to your doorstep.

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Predicting the Product Lifetime of a Battery with SIMCA-online

Our proprietary multivariate prediction technology gives you early warning of process anomalies that will affect the end product.

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