Services for Industrial Microbiology Instruments

Working in microbiological quality control is a big responsibility, and you are concerned for the patient’s wellbeing. Ensuring reproducible and reliable results for in-process control and routine release testing as well as compliance is critical to you.

Our Sartorius services for Industrial Microbiology instruments such as MD8 air samplers or Sterisart® Universal Pumps support you in enhancing their performance and improving safety of your processes. 

  • Reliable and reproducible results
  • Process safety
  • Compliance with agency directives
  • Peace of mind thanks to entire life cycle support

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Our Range of Service Solutions

Equipment Qualification (IQ|OQ) for Industrial Microbiology Instruments

Compliance With Regulatory Requirements (GLP | GMP) 

When operating in an environment regulated by GLP | GMP guidelines, it is essential to get your equipment qualified. We support you in getting the documented evidence that your Sartorius sterility testing system, air sampler or vacuum filtration system is suitable for its intended use.

Our IQ | OQ plans and tests follow the “risk-based approach” that is recommended for regulated industries and focusses on critical aspects and functions impacting the product quality. The entire documentation coming along with our IQ | OQ services can easily be integrated into your quality management systems.

  • Compliance with GLP | GMP requirements
  • Audit security
  • Expertise straight from the equipment manufacturer and specially trained Service Engineers
  • Comprehensive documentation

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Maintenance & Contracts for Industrial Microbiology Instruments

Reliable Instrument Performance 

It is crucial to regularly get professional maintenance by trained Service Specialists to ensure consistently reliable measurement results. This also prevents of any risk of unnecessary interruptions as well as keeps your instrument in a qualified state when adhering to GLP | GMP. 

We recommend agreeing on a maintenance contract to prolong the life of your air sampler or sterility testing system and to protect your investment.

  •     Consistently accurate results
  •     Regulatory compliance
  •     Trouble-free operation
  •     Optimized device performance
  •     Extended device life

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Calibration for Industrial Microbiology Instruments

Consistent Quality of Measurement Results

As an important part of every preventive maintenance visit, your instrument is checked against the technical specifications. Checking flow volume, uniform filling and calibrating flow sensors ensure that you can rely on the values measured and displayed by your instrument which could later affect your quality control results.

  • Reliable performance of the entire system
  • Increased trust in values displayed
  • All results documented in detail in the maintenance report

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Service Connect - the New App for Customer Instrument Service Needs

Service Connect helps customers individually manage their instruments, send service requests, get quotes for service products, and contact their local service team - all at their own convenience.

The app is free of charge and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

In August 2012, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) introduced the risk-based approach. The aim of the approach is to focus on critical areas during pharmaceutical quality control. All quality assurance measures should, therefore, be justified from the risk analysis.

Of course. Please contact your local Lab Water Application specialist or Service team to provide you with a sample of these documents.

The service interval is defined in your contract. Prior to the next maintenance date, we will contact you and schedule an appointment.

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