Water Purification Services for Arium® Systems

Laboratory-grade water is involved in many applications and process steps and in a laboratory. It is extremely important to consistently have the right water type in highest possible quality available to achieve reliable and reproducible analysis results.

Reliable, Quality Lab Water - No Compromises

Sartorius services for Arium® water purification systems include various options that can be tailored to your needs. Our goal is to simplify daily lab work with smooth workflows, consistent water quality and reliable water system performance over its lifetime.

  • Reliable water of the highest possible quality
  • Individual service options to keep your system running smoothly
  • Peace of mind with support for the entire life cycle

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Our Range of Service Solutions

Installation for Water Purification Systems

Optimum Lab Water System Performance from the Start

Flawless startup of your new Arium® system is ensured when making use of Sartorius installation services, which guarantee your new system optimally performs from day one. 

In addition to checking site conditions with you, we thoroughly test your local feed water quality and configure system settings to local conditions during on-site installation. After checking system performance and instructing users, you can directly start dispensing.

  • Highest water quality from the start
  • System is quickly ready for immediate use
  • Professionally trained operating personnel

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Equipment Qualification (IQ|OQ) for Water Purification Systems

Compliance With Regulatory Requirements (GLP | GMP)

When working in an environment regulated by GLP | GMP guidelines, it is essential to have a qualified water purification system. We support you in getting documented evidence your Arium® system is suitable for its intended use.

Our IQ|OQ plans and tests follow the “risk-based approach” recommended for regulated industries and focus on critical aspects and functions impacting product quality. Documentation from our IQ|OQ services can easily be integrated into your quality management systems.

  • Audit security
  • Compliance with GLP|GMP requirements
  • Expertise straight from the equipment manufacturer and specially trained service engineers
  • Comprehensive documentation

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Maintenance for Water Purification Systems

Peace of Mind with Consistent Lab Water Quality

It is essential to regularly replace Arium® lab water consumables and to schedule professional maintenance by our trained Sartorius service specialists. This consistently guarantees highest possible water quality and prevents risk of unnecessary interruptions as well as keeping your system in a qualified state when adhering to GLP|GMP. Regular preventive maintenance prolongs the life of your Arium® system and protects your investment.

We support you with various services from consumables package subscriptions and annual preventive maintenance to quarterly visits for consumables replacement and comprehensive care-free packages.

Choose what best fit your needs and allow you to focus on daily lab routines.

  • Consistently get lab water of the highest quality
  • Optimized system performance
  • Extended instrument life
  • Individual, customized service agreements
  • Regulatory compliance

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Calibration for Water Purification Systems

Reliable Lab Water Instrument Performance

As an important part of preventive maintenance visits by one of our Sartorius service specialists, your water purification system (and its purified water) is checked against technical specifications. These checks with external test equipment ensure you can rely on all conductivity, temperature and TOC (Total Organic Carbon) values measured and displayed by your Arium® system that could later impact your analysis results.

  • Reliable system performance
  • Increased trust in displayed values 
  • Results documented in detail in the maintenance report

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Service Connect - the New App for Customer Instrument Service Needs

Service Connect helps customers individually manage their instruments, send service requests, get quotes for service products, and contact their local service team - all at their own convenience.

The app is free of charge and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

In August 2012, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) introduced the risk-based approach. The aim of the approach is to focus on critical areas during pharmaceutical quality control. All quality assurance measures should, therefore, be justified from the risk analysis.

Of course. Please contact your local Lab Water Application specialist or service team to provide you with a sample of these documents.

Please reach out to your local service team. Based on feed water quality, status information of the system and troubleshooting, we can support you in finding solutions to achieve the best possible water quality. We recommend taking out a maintenance agreement so we can quickly respond in advance to any changes causing poor water quality.

The service interval is defined in your contract. Prior to the next maintenance date, we will contact you and schedule an appointment. In addition, you can look in your Arium system's menu to see when the next maintenance is due.

When ultrapure water is used for sensitive analyses, quantifying potential organic residues (Total Organic Carbon (TOC)) that may be present is of utmost importance. The TOC monitor takes on this function. Its UV bulb has a limited lifespan and needs to be replaced after a specific amount of use. In addition to changing the UV bulb, it is also essential to conduct a full recalibration and adjustment process. The monitor is calibrated on multiple calibration points and the entire measuring electronics are adjusted. This ensures confidence in the TOC values displayed and reliability of your TOC monitor’s function.

Yes, this is possible but depends both on the version of your Arium® Comfort or Arium® Pro system and on how often TOC content is measured. In case you do not need to continuously have the current TOC value available, please reach out to your local service team to get the interval extended. 


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