Immunology: Observe and Quantitate Immune Responses in Real-Time

Assays for Today’s Immunology Research

This era of immunology holds great promise for the development of new treatments for cancer, immune dysfunction, and infectious disease. In order to recapitulate in vivo pathophysiology, today’s in vitro models are more complex, requiring optimization, dynamic monitoring, and phenotypic characterization of cellular subpopulations. Assessments such as cell health, function, and the quantification of immune mediators are commonplace, but laborious to perform using traditional endpoint assays and include workflows that require multiple instruments in order to fully asses the biology.

Introducing the Incucyte® and iQue® assays for immunology— these powerful, yet flexible platforms enable you to observe and quantitate immune responses in real-time. Increase your productivity by using automated, live-cell and flow cytometry assays, instruments, and user-friendly software to simplify your workflow and guide your next steps. The non-perturbing reagents and cell-sparing protocols let you multiplex your samples, maximizing the data obtained from each well. Choose immunology assays that answer your questions quickly, accelerating your discoveries.

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Research Areas

Assess Immune Cell Function and Perform Characterization

B Cells

Understand B cell adaptive immunity

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Understand and assess macrophage function

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Measure neutrophil function with real-time live-cell analysis

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T Cells

Phenotype T Cells, and quantitate their activation and dynamic function

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Natural Killer Cells

Assess NK cell function and phenotype

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