Combining Live-Cell Analysis and High-Throughput Flow Cytometry

To Gain Additional Insights into the Mechanisms of Immune Cell Killing of Tumor Cells

Understanding the processes of the immune system and interactions at a cellular level is central to identifying and validating new targets and cellular therapy approaches.

Flow cytometry has been used extensively to study immune cells, yielding information regarding cellular subtypes, activation status and viability using expression profiles and cell health markers. In recent years, live-cell analysis has become an established method by which temporal and spatial information can be gained from the interactions and resultant killing of tumor cells.

Combining the benefits of advanced high throughput flow cytometry and live cell analysis offers the potential to gain additional insights into the mechanisms of immune cell killing. This application note highlights these key advantages:

  • Combined subset and cytokine analysis with spatial and morphological quantification
  • Kinetic cytokine measurements using non-perturbing low volume supernatant sampling maximising sample usage with minimal manipulation
  • Additional biological insight providing a greater depth of physiological understanding
  • Easy to use, mix-and-read assays using Intellicyt-IncuCyte compatible reagents

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