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Sartorius offers highly flexible assay platforms that support applications across various areas of research, including immunology, oncology, immuno-oncology, neuroscience, cell therapy, antibody discovery, small molecule discovery, and virology.

Whether measuring cell health & viability, conducting more advanced phenotypic and cell-based applications or label-free biomolecular interactions to determine protein-protein or protein-small molecule interactions to determine binding kinetics, affinity or analyte concentration - we offer a wide variety of industry standard reagents and consumables designed to meet your experimental needs. Drive your scientific innovation with physiologically relevant data faster.

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Gain unique insights into cancer stem biology, 3D models, and immuno-oncology.

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Perform direct measurements of immune and cancer cell interactions iQue® Flow Cytometry, Incucyte® Live-Cell, or Octet® Label-Free Analysis.

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Maximize your immunological research insights with image-based, real-time analysis of living immune cells or label-free on the molecular level.

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Conduct measurements of the dynamic changes and interactions of cells in the nervous system using Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis. 

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Antibody Discovery

Save time, resources, and cost across the biologics discovery workflow with innovative solutions.

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Small Molecule Discovery

Propel your research forward with unique, high throughput, high-content compound screening of large libraries directly or cell-based.

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From infection to immune response and recovery, discover how our suite of applications can deliver maximum data in less time with less sample.

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