Quintix® and Secura® Standard Laboratory Balances: Reliable Weighing for Faster and Better Results

Standard Laboratory Balance Accessories

Extend the performance capabilities of your Quintix® and Secura® with accessories from our comprehensive range.

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Standard Laboratory Balance Application Videos

Quintix® and Secura® provide built-in applications as standard features and offer the widest array of accessories and options to choose from.

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More Efficient Workflows with Quintix® and Secura®

The Start Assistant function and SmartTouch user interface will enable you to operate the balance straight away and feel right at ease using all the functions available. Both the convenient operating design with its easy-to-understand menu structure and the ergonomic balance design have already won several awards. These features will significantly help accelerate your workflows right from the start for error-free results.

Built-in standard applications let you instantly extend the options for using the balance, turning special, often complicated, lab tasks into efficient routines. These applications are set up for intuitive use, guiding you in simple steps throughout each of your workflows. This will save you valuable time and increase the reliability of your results.

Quickly and easily transfer, evaluate, further process or save and document weighing results in perfect compliance with legal requirements – just by using Plug & Play technology, without needing any extra software or complicated settings. In this way, you can unlock the full potential of your lab data and reliably save it. As a result, you will have more time for new, intriguing analytical procedures, while being on the safe side.

Overview of Standard-Level Balance Features

Reliability and Data Security

Reliable weighing results thanks to built-in security functions. Find out more about the advantages of Quintix® and Secura®.

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Indicator-guided leveling support or real-time level monitoring? Discover the difference between Quintix® and Secura®.

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Data Transfer and Documentation

Plug & Play data documentation with Quintix® and Secura®. Additionally benefit from the integrated lot and sample identification input.

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Higher requirements on the accuracy of your weighing results? No problem!

Obtain the highest quality of results in your analytical weight measurements with perfectly reliable accuracy of five or even six decimal places.


Semi-Micro Balances

Micro Balances

Higher weighing capacity levels**

**See Technical Specifications

Quintix® and Secura® Semi-Micro Balances

The Sartorius semi-micro balances feature unsurpassed weighing technology available within their 5-digit class in the standard market segment today. We offer a unique selection, giving you five different models to choose from. These semi-micro balances deliver outstanding performance at an affordable price. Plus, they are backed by the excellent quality standards of products “Made in Germany”.

Select your Secura® balance

Select your Quintix® balance

Maximize the efficiency of your lab work: the unique temperature management system ensures stable climate conditions within the weighing chamber.

The user-friendly draft shield featuring One-Touch technology is convenient to use and compensates for even the slightest ambient effects.

Quintix® and Secura® semi-micro balances make it easy for you to prevent cross-contamination: For fast, thorough and effortless cleaning, just a few steps are all it takes to dismantle the draft shield and completely remove the rimmed base plate from the weighing chamber. Moreover, this base plate is specially designed to catch all spills. Quintix® and Secura® semi-micro balances enable you to successfully perform even the most sensitive analyses reliably and accurately – to five decimal places.

ModelWeighing CapacityReadability
SECURA225D-1x120 g | 220 g0.01 mg | 0.1 mg
SECURA125-1x120 g0.01 mg
QUINTIX125D-1x60 g | 120 g0.01 mg | 0.1 mg
QUINTIX65-1x60 g0.01 mg
QUINTIX35-1x30 g0.01 mg

Secura® Micro Balance

Do you place extremely high requirements on accurate results for analytical weighing? Obtain the highest quality of results in your analytical weight measurements with perfectly reliable accuracy of six decimal places. Featuring a maximum capacity of 21 g and a resolution of 2 μg over the entire weighing range, the Secura® micro balance determines the exact weight of the smallest quantities – and therefore delivers unsurpassed performance unique throughout the world.

Select your Secura® balance

With the Secura® micro balance, you will meet your high standards on accurate results for analytical weighing, even under difficult ambient conditions. The reason: Secura® combines a number of ergonomic features specially designed for userfriendly weighing on high-resolution balances. These include a built-in temperature management system, the proven One- Touch draft shield for convenient, yet well-protected weighing procedures and an easy-to-remove weighing chamber base plate for effortless cleaning. A Secura® micro balance will give you security, speed and six-decimal-place accuracy down to the lowest analytical weighing ranges.

The Secura® micro balance really shines with its unique titanium weighing pan and its two titanium pan draft shield rings supplied as standard equipment. The raised rim of the pan draft shield ring enables you to perform high-precision measurements successfully, even when the balance is exposed to interfering air flow under a laboratory fume hood. Non-magnetic and absolutely inert in contact with aggressive substances, the titanium components of the Secura® micro balance ensure 100% protected weighing.

Special Applications for Semi-Micro Balances

Filter Weighing

Filter Weighing Quintix® and Secura® semi-micro balances are ideal for high-precision filter weighing. Their ergonomic draft shield and special weighing pan permit easy and reliable operating sequences for weighing filters to an accuracy of five decimal places.

Pipette Calibration

Calibrate your pipettes quickly and accurately at any time with Quintix® and Secura® semi-micro balances. They provide convenient access to the weighing chamber, both from the front and from the side. Used together with a specially matched pipette calibration kit, these balances make calibration of your pipettes as easy as 1-2-3.

Quintix Secura Application Videos

Discover the built-in, work-saving applications in all standard laboratory balances

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Density Determination Kit


Extend the performance capabilities of your Quintix® and Secura® with accessories from our comprehensive range.

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