Documentation and Data Transfer: Easy, Fast and Reliable


isoCAL: internal calibration and adjustment function


CAL audit trail function


Menu protection


Password protection


SQmin: monitoring the minimum sample weight for compliance with the USP* operating range


Individual security levels


isoCAL: Reliability Guaranteed

Temperature fluctuations can distort the accuracy of your weighing results. Quintix® and Secura® rule out this risk right from the start with their temperature- and time-controlled calibration and adjustment function, isoCAL. In addition, the internal Cal Audit Trail function documents each calibration and adjustment procedure, generating a 100% traceable audit trail for your quality assurance.

Menu Access Protection

Reliably protect the system settings of your balance from any unintentional changes by activating the tamper-proof supervisor lock on Quintix®.

Password-Protected Menu Settings

Secura® offers you customizable security: Once entered, a password prevents any changes to the menu settings that could alter the metrological performance of the balance. In this way, Secura® restricts access to the menu to exclusively authorized persons, ensuring fully controlled protection of your weighing procedures.

Secure Weighing Data at All Times

Benefit from the different safety level settings that you can select on Secura® for controlled data transfer. You can optimally adapt the automatic monitoring systems of Secura® to your security needs. Whichever level you opt for – high, standard or low – you can be sure that with Secura®, you will be processing only data that is correct.

SQmin: USP-Compliant Weighing Results

Compliance with USP guidelines along with absolute process reliability? This is guaranteed by Secura®: the SQmin function checks that your sample quantity is within the operating range of your balance. Secura® will alert you whenever your sample is below the minimum net weight and will temporarily block transfer of data to a printer or a computer. Secura® ensures that only permissible weighing data will be further processed.

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