96-Channel Ultra High Throughput Octet® RH96

  • Analyze up to 96 samples simultaneously - Perform your quantitation or binding experiments with unmatched speed. Quantitate a full  96-well plate of IgGs in two minutes.
  • Perform a 32 x 32 epitope binning campaign in less than eight hours  - Use in-tandem, sandwich, or pre-mix assay formats to perform epitope binning. Analyze samples directly from supernatants or lysates. Complete a 32 x 32 epitope binning assay in less than eight hours.
  • Streamline workflows with automation – Automation-ready and robot-compatible for microplate and biosensor tray loading for extending walk-away times and reducing operator input.

From IgG titer to epitope binning, the Octet® RH96 instrument offers label-free molecular interaction analysts with state-of-the-art high throughput platforms that facilitate the rapid characterization and development of biologics drug molecules. 

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Features of the Octet® RH96

Simultaneously reads 8, 16, 32, 48 or 96 wells

The Octet® RH96 instrument read head provides design flexibility that allows users to analyze, 8, 16, 32, 48, or 96 samples at a time allowing for customized throughput up to 96 samples.

Full plate off-rate ranking in minutes, not hours

The Dip and Read assay format allows off-rate analysis of clones to be performed rapidly, even in crude samples using ready-to-use biosensors off the shelf.

96-well plate quantitation in as little as two minutes

IgG titer determination of a full 96-well plate can be completed in two minutes. In addition, sample plate compartment is compatible with 384-well plates allowing for greater sample throughput.

32 x 32 epitope binning in less than eight hours

With the Octet® RH96 system, epitope binning can be completed in record time, where a 32 x 32 antibody matrix can be analyzed in less than eight hours. A powerful dedicated epitope binning analysis software enables easy visualization and analysis of large data sets.

Microfluidics-free Dip and Read format reduces assay time and maintenance cost

The Octet® RH96 system utilizes Dip and Read technology where biosensors dip into samples housed in microplates. With no fluidics involved, Octet® systems have more uptime and lower operational costs

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Applications for the Octet® RH96

ELISA Conversion

ELISAs are known for having variability in results, susceptibility to human error, and slow times-to-results. High throughput Octet® systems are designed to overcome those limitations.  Convert your ELISA assay into an Octet® assay.

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Epitope Binning

The epitope binning process identifies and arranges antibody candidates that bind similar epitope regions to an antigen into bins. Octet® epitope binning assays rely on testing the sequential binding ability of two antibodies to an antigen. Assay speed, throughput, exceptional reproducibility, and dedicated software tools make Octet® platforms ideal for analyzing large antibody libraries. 

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protein contaminant diagram

Protein Contaminant Testing

Protein contaminants are a major hurdle to overcome during the production of biopharmaceuticals. The Octet® platform's rapid high throughput protein analysis combined with the anti-CHO HCP and Residual Protein A kits  provide biologics developers with a fast and easy-to-use assay for contaminant testing.

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A Compendium for Successful BLI and SPR Assays

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Comparability Studies: Minimize Time, Maintain Quality

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Measure Pharmacokinetics of Monoclonal Antibodies

Strategies for the Development of a High Throughput Method to Measure Pharmacokinetics of Monoclonal Antibodies in Preclinical Animal Models

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Product Resources

Octet® RH96 System Datasheet

Octet® RH96 System Datasheet

PDF | 2.0 MB
Octet®️ Systems Platform Brochure

Octet®️ Systems Platform Brochure

PDF | 1.3 MB
selection guide

Octet® BLI Biosensor Selection Guide

PDF | 404.8 KB
Octet® 384-Well Tilted-Bottom Microplate Datasheet

Octet® 384-Well Tilted-Bottom Microplate Datasheet

PDF | 352.5 KB
datasheet thumbnail

Octet® CFR Software V12.X and Software Validation Package Datasheet

PDF | 197.7 KB
Datasheet: Octet Data Analysis HT Software Version 13

Datasheet: Octet® Software Version 13

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datasheet thumbnail

Octet®️ BLI Discovery and Octet®️ Analysis Studio Software

PDF | 1.7 MB

Octet System Qualification Products and Services

PDF | 99.8 KB
Octet® AS Offline Biosensor Immobilization Station Datasheet

Octet® AS Offline Biosensor Immobilization Station

PDF | 183.1 KB
app note cover
Application Note

Enhancing Efficiency and Economics in Process Development and Manufacturing of Biotherapeutics

PDF | 372.5 KB
Octet RH16 with Lab Tech
Application Note

Converting ELISA Assay Into Octet® Quantitation Assay

PDF | 207.5 KB

Why Do Researchers Choose Genuine Octet® BLI?

Thousands of researchers worldwide trust Octet® BLI systems for performance, compliance, and service.

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Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) based on fiber optic biosensors

Sample volume

40–80 μL/well (384-well tilted bottom microplate) and 180–220 μL/well (96-well microplate), nondestructive testing, easily recovered

Data presentation

Sensorgrams displaying kinetic traces or concentration binding rates Epitope binning and cross-blocking matrices and trace overlays Tabulated kinetic or concentration data


Robot compatible microplate and biosensor tray loading

Orbital flow capacity

Static or 100–1500 rpm

Analysis temperature

Ambient + 4°C to 40°C, in 1°C increments

Association rate constant (ka)

101 to 107 M-1 s-1

Dissociation rate constant (kd)

10-6 to 10-1 s-1

Affinity constant (KD)

1 mM – 10 pM

Baseline noise (RMS)

<3 pm (8–16 biosensors); <8 pm (32–96 biosensors)

Baseline drift

< 0.1 nm/hour

Quantitation range

32–96 biosensors: 0.1–100 μg/mL of hIgG at 1000 rpm**; 1.0–700 μg/mL at 400 rpm 8–16 biosensors: 0.05–300 μg/mL of hIgG at 1000 rpm**; 0.5–2000 μg/mL at 400 rpm

Quantitation precision

CV <10%


200 lbs (90.7 kg)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

30.1 in x 31.5 in x 31.5 in (77 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm)

Sample type

Proteins, antibodies, peptides, serum containing media (up to 25%), DMSO containing buffers, virus-like particles, untreated cell culture supernatants and crude cell lysates

Sample plate

Standard, 96-well and 384-well, black, tilted bottom microplates

Molecular weight detection

>150 Da (8–16 biosensors), >5000 Da (32–96 biosensors)

Octet RH16 ultra high throughput label free detection system

16-Channel High Throughput Octet System: Octet® RH16

Ideal for high-throughput applications that demand high sensitivity and low sample volume requirements

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Octet R8 label free detection system instrument

8-Channel System: Octet® R8

Unmatched Flexibility and Versatility in Protein Analysis

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Octet R4 label free detection system

4-Channel System: Octet® R4

The Perfect Balance Between Cost and Throughput with Given Leeway

Explore Octet® R4
The Octet® BLI is an easy-to use, real-time analytical tool that rapidly screens critical quality attributes.

2-Channel System: Octet® R2

Grows With Your Biomolecule Characterization Needs

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Octet N1 label free detection system

Octet® N1

Label-free assays in a drop

Explore Octet® N1

Octet® AS

The Octet® AS enables simultaneous and uniform reagent loading onto all 96 biosensors in a biosensor tray.

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