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Successful integration of filtration devices into your process requires hardware, systems and testing solutions that are tailored to the dedicated needs. Integrity testing systems configured to test individual cartridges, bag assemblies or filtration sets are part of the portfolio. Same as systems that match to multi- and single-use crossflow cassettes and continuous centrifugation systems for development and manufacturing.

We offer a broad range of housings for cartridges as well as holders for different cassette formats from small scale to commercial scale applications to fulfill your process requirements. Our experts will support you in the selection of products matching your needs.

Simplified mAb Sample Prep for CQA Analysis

StreamLink® CC 15 is the first automated screening system that can clarify and purify in a single step, delivering samples in hours instead of days.

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Integrity Testing

Reliable and fast integrity testing of filters. Quality Risk management and Data Security at the highest level.

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Single-use Centrifuges

Fully closed Ksep® single-use centrifugation systems for cell densities higher than 40 million cells per mL.

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TFF Holders & Systems

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Stainless Steel Filter Housings

The durability of stainless steel filter housings is just one of the benefits of an on-going Filtration. Higher process data like pressure and tempera...

Filter Holder — For Depth Filter and Membrane Adsorber Cassettes

Three standard formats of filter holders serve you from pilot scale up to commercial manufacturing.

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