Pressure or Spin? Pressurization, centrifugation or both – the choice is yours.

Vivacell Pressure Sample Concentration devices for up to 250 ml Sample Volumes

Sartorius offers the Vivacell product range of pressurizable and centrifugal concentrators for sample volumes from 20 ml to 250 ml. The patented vertical membrane design guarantees the highest performance and unmatched flexibility. These unique and innovative concentrators can be pressurized and centrifuged, or a combination of both for fast and safe sample concentration. And of course they benefit from all the Sartorius innovations, including our patented dead-stop technology, high process speeds and direct concentrate recovery without the need for reverse spinning!

  • Available for 20 ml to 250 ml sample volumes
  • Pressure, centrifugal force or both
  • Fast, leak proof designs
  • Patented dead-stop, longitudinal membranes technologies

Improved Design for highest performance and unmatched flexibility

Sartorius Vivacell 100 – Centrifugation | Pressure ultrafiltration devices for 20 ml to 100 ml Samples

The Vivacell 100 is a unique and innovative concentrator for volumes from 20 ml to 100 ml. This makes it the largest centrifugal unit available and it can utilize pressure, centrifuge or pressure-shake methods to rapidly concentrate even samples with very high-particle loads. Its new design withstands up to 4000xg, and of course, its patented vertical membrane design ensures the highest performance and unmatched flexibility. A large range of MWCOs and accessories make Vivacell 100 easy to use and the first choice for all your medium to large ultrafiltration and concentration needs.

  • 20 ml to 100 ml Samples
  • Dead-stop volume 350 μl; Max RCF 4000xg
  • 23.5 cm2 active membrane area
  • 5 bar (75 psi) Max pressure

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A totally new concept for the concentration high-volume biological samples

Vivacell 250 pressurized, vortex fluid ultrafiltration concentration device for 50 ml to 250 ml Samples

Sartorius' innovative Vivacell 250 high-volume concentrator puts an end to leaking, slow, clogging, shear-force afflicted stirred cell concentration. This one size (works with samples from 50 to 250 ml), free standing (i.e. cold room friendly), pressure driven, gentle vortex mixing device will change the way you perform large scale concentrations and provide you with faster, easier and better product yields than any stirred cell system ever could.

  • 50 ml to 250 ml Samples
  • 40 cm2 active membrane area
  • Quick changing, one piece membrane module
  • Gentle vortex controlled membrane polarization
  • Built-in 600 µl dead-stop volume for safety

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