Pressurization, Centrifugation, or Both: The Choice is Yours.

Vivaspin® Concentrators for up to 100 mL Samples

Vivaspin® 20 and 100 can be used for centrifugal or pressurized concentration of samples with initial volumes from 5 to 100 mL. The vertical membrane design and unique methods of operation guarantee the highest performance while benefiting from maximum process control and flexibility. With an easy-to-use range of accessories, positive pressure applied from a compressed air or inert gas source can be used as the driving force for ultrafiltration. Pressurization is an ideal method for concentrating single samples on the bench, or sensitive target molecules such as membrane proteins, viruses, or multi-subunit complexes.

  • The highest capacity centrifugal devices
  • Unrivalled process flexibility
  • Direct, single-step concentrate retrieval
  • Suitable for all sample types

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Maximum Capacity. Unmatched Flexibility.

Vivaspin® 100 Centrifugal or Pressure Driven Concentrators

Vivaspin® 100 caters to a unique volume range from 20 to 90 mL, making it the highest capacity centrifugal concentrator available. In addition, it can be pressurized, enabling single or sensitive samples with volumes up to 100 mL to be processed on the bench. These devices may be placed on an orbital shaker while pressurized, so that even samples with very high-particle loads can be rapidly concentrated. A broad range of MWCOs and comprehensive portfolio of pressure accessories make Vivaspin® 100 easy to use and the first choice for all your medium-scale sample concentration needs.

  • The highest capacity centrifugal device, for up to 90 mL samples
  • Pressure-driven operation extends the capacity to 100 mL
  • Maximum concentration factors with a single, low volume dead-stop pocket
  • Broad MWCO range suits all target molecules

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Pressure-fugation. Even Faster Processing.

Vivaspin® 20 Centrifugal or Pressure Driven Concentrators

A unique range of accessories for Vivaspin® 20 has been designed to allow ultrafiltration driven by positive pressure. For sensitive samples, Vivaspin® 20 can be pressurized for gentle, centrifuge free, bench-top concentration. Alternatively, the compact pressure-head ensures pressurization can be combined with centrifugation. With pressure-fugation, which is especially suited to viscous and particle loaded samples, or concentration at lower temperatures, process times can be substantially reduced.

  • High speed concentration of 5 – 20 mL samples
  • Centrifuge, pressure or pressure-fugation
  • Maximum concentration factors with a single, low volume dead-stop pocket
  • Concentrate any target with 3 – 1,000 kDa MWCO or 0,2 µm pore size options

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