Filter Transfer Sets Final Filling

Single-Use Filter Transfer Assemblies for Final Filling 

Streamlined. Standardized. Simplified. 

Sartorius’ single-use filter transfer sets reduce wait times up to 80%, thanks to an industry-first, pre-designed solution for filtration in final filling. Standardized product design with consistent operating procedures facilitates handling and mitigates risk of operator error, regardless of filter type and size. The qualified, sterile filter transfer set for final filling complies with PUPSIT requirements contained in the EU GMP Annex 1. 

Watch how standardization can improve your final filling project timelines compared to classic filter transfer assemblies.

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Reduce wait time by up to 80% 

Receive pre-designed filter assemblies that are qualified, sterile, and ready to use in 9 weeks* - 80% less wait time compared to engineered filter assemblies.


Pre-designed solutions are regulatory compliant and comply with PUPSIT requirements contained in the EU GMP Annex 1.

Simple, standardized design reduces risk of error

Mitigate the risk of operator error regardless of batch size and drug substance through highly standardized product design and operating procedures.

Limit product loss

Stainless steel holders simplify installation and operation, ensuring optimal component placement, minimizing residual volume, and preventing product loss.

Full flexibility

The toolbox of the pre-designed solution includes various types of sterile connectors, tubes, filters and further configuration options to satisfy almost any need for single or redundant sterile filtration in final filling.

Engineered vs. Pre-Designed Solution

Save Time and Simplify Operation with Pre-Designed Solution

The table below compares project timelines of a typical Engineered Solution versus Sartorius’ single-use Filter Transfer Set Final Filling. Our industry-first, pre-designed solution for filtration in final filling arrives qualified, sterilized, and ready to use. As a result, we can deliver our industry-first pre-designed solution in as little as 9 weeks*, including the assembly holder.


Engineered Solution Pre-Designed Solution 
Concept phase 

4 weeks

0.5 weeks ​

Design & quote ​

4 weeks

0.5 weeks ​

Prototype delivery 

12 weeks*


S.U. design adaptions ​

2 weeks


Design approval including creation of
manufacturing documents   ​

4 weeks


Typical lead time S.U. assembly (initial order)

20 weeks*

8 weeks*

Total single-use assembly  ​

46 weeks*

9 weeks*

Holder for single-use assembly 

Customer responsibility 
(typically 24 weeks )  

Within Single-use assembly lead time  


70 weeks*

9 weeks*

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* Delivery time may increase due to global component shortage

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Smart Design, Ready for Automation

Enhanced Design Allows For Final Filtration Automation

Automation is an important aspect of single-use processing. A small but innovative design feature of our Filter Transfer Set Final Filling allows the manual pinch valves to be replaced with automated pinch valves. This enables easy integration into a fully automatic filling process.

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Filter Transfer Set Final Filling – At a Glance 

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