Antibody & Recombinant Protein Media

Antibody & Recombinant Protein Media

Non-Animal Origin Media for High Titer Production of Proteins and Antibodies

Recombinant protein production processes use dedicated animal cell lines. The choice of media depends on the cell line used, which itself is selected depending on the product of interest. Lonza | Sartorius have developed high quality | high performance serum-free, non-animal origin formulations for all protein production cell lines.

CHOptimizer® - Optimized Media and Feed Strategy for CHO based protein production

CHOptimizer® combines a modern, high-throughput approach with traditional ideas to deliver an optimized medium in a short timeline. It also includes field support and offers full access to the specific formula to ensure the ultimate in flexibility for the future.

Our media optimization toolbox will bring you a systematic approach for the different phases of your product development. Sartorius offers a solution for your specific needs; from benchmarking to fully outsourced media optimization. The CHOptimizer® Media Builder Service combines the speed of benchmarking with the performance of an optimized media, all without ever having to leave your facility.


Chemically defined, Non-animal origin, high perfoming CHO media

Lonza | Sartorius have developed a broad portfolio of high quality | high performance serum-free, non-animal origin formulations for CHO cell lines. The offering includes both basal medium and feeds.

PowerCHO™ provides superior performance by offering a family of media to best match your specific cell line. . The PowerCHO™ family provides optimal scalability from shake flasks/microbioeactors to large bioreactors. The most recent portfolio addition, PowerCHO Advance™, is an improved version of PowerCHO™ allowing for greater filterability and easier format conversion from liquid to powder.


Customized Solutions for Unique Needs

Production-Focused Approach to Produce Your Unique Media Solutions

Perfect choice for clients who have known, desired media composition and outcome expectations. For critical raw materials you can either request specific suppliers or rely upon Lonza | Sartorius' established global network of qualified suppliers. Customized packaging, media formats, and release assays are also available upon request.


Additonal Media for Upstream Cell Culture

Media for Other Cell Lines Used in Protein Production

While CHO is widely recognized as the dominant mammalian cell culture platform, Sartorius has an expansive offering of media for a variety of cell types. The UltraDOMA™ and ProDoma™ media are used for production of chimeric hybridoma in batch culture. ProNS0™ media is successfully used for the cultivation of the NS0 cell line. Insect-XPRESS™ is used to support the growth of invertebrate cell lines, mainly SF9 and SF21.





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