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Resources on Innovations in Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Development in Oncology

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Learn how Sartorius’ unique and innovative solutions for discovery and development of monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapies streamline the workflow and increase productivity. Browse our extensive library of educational resources, including white papers, webinars, posters, and infographics to enhance your knowledge of monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapy development in oncology. Antibody therapy design is full of challenges. Sartorius offers information-rich solutions for development of antibody therapeutics that enable tracking of complex biological processes at unprecedented speed, depth, and scale. Accelerate your biotherapeutic development and still have peace of mind. Our unique and innovative solutions for discovery and development of mAb therapies streamline the workflow and increase productivity, while still providing confidence in the choice, quality and integrity of your mAb cancer therapy.

The Periodic Table of Antibodies

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of Elements, one of the most significant scientific tools ever published, Absolute Antibody has created their own Periodic Table of Antibodies representing all the (100+) different engineered antibody formats that they have generated utilizing Sartorius innovative products and technologies for antibody discovery and development. Sartorius is proud to be part of Absolute Antibody’s development process in providing enabling technologies that allow for more accelerated and cost-efficient production of engineered antibodies.

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High Throughput Antibody Discovery Targeting Glycoproteins for Apoptosis Induction in Cancer

The use of monoclonal antibody-based drugs has proven very successful to target and treat cancer with more than half of late-stage clinical trial antibodies carrying an oncology indication. By employing multiple final formats, unconjugated or conjugated antibodies capitalize on methods of cell killing spanning from direct targeting and inhibition of cell survival pathways to shuttling and delivery of cytotoxic drugs. Specific cell surface antigen recognition is paramount to the success of these drugs, necessitating high resolution early stage characterization of lead antibody drug candidates prior to preclinical development.

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Developing Next Generation Therapeutic Antibodies

Therapeutic antibodies are one of the most successful immunotherapy strategies for the treatment of both hematologic cancers and solid tumors.

This success is owed to technological advances that enable better specificity and safety.

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Analytical Power Tools Open Upstream Bioprocessing Bottlenecks

The blockbuster success of antibody-based therapeutics for autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases and immuno-oncology accelerated the high stakes monoclonal antibody (mAb) development race. Clone selection is a significant upstream bottle-neck slowing bench-to-bedside development progress for new mAb-based therapeutics.

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Rapid Mammalian Cell Harvest without Centrifugation for Antibody Purification Using the Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Filtration System

Monoclonal antibody expression systems typically utilise a signal peptide to ensure secretion
of the antibody into the cell culture media. Although this reduces the complexity of purification and avoids the need for cell disruption, it does require the use of expensive and/or time-consuming techniques to separate cells from antibody-containing cell culture fluid. In this study, we describe our tests of Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V, a novel system for rapid clarification of cell culture media without the need for centrifugation or any other costly equipment. 

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Webinar Body Feed Filtration The Novel Method For Rapid Harvesting of Mammalian Cell Cultures

Presenter: Dr. Noushin Delmdahl | Head of Product Management Lab Consumables | Sartorius Lab Instruments

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Challenges and Solutions for Developing New Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) used for immunotherapy stimulate the immune system to mount a response to target antigens. These powerful therapeutics are being used to target various conditions including cancer and autoimmune diseases, and those with superior target reactivity and optimal function are the best candidates for development. Despite technological and methodological advancements, developing new monoclonal antibodies can be challenging. Here we explore some common challenges and potential solutions.

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Simplified Small-Scale Harvest of CHO Cells for mAb Analytics

In this study, it was tested whether the body-feed filtration method using diatomaceous earth (DE) as filter aid lead to different monoclonal antibody (mAb) and filtrate characteristics, in regards to five parameters analyzed compared to the well-established centrifugation method. The parameters investigated were reduction of turbidity, recovery of mAbs, mAb molecular weight, charge heterogeneity, glycosylation pattern, and over all work efficiency.

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Intellicyt® Mouse IgG Type and Titer Assay Kit: A Novel Solution to Expedite Antibody Discovery

Monoclonal antibodies (mAb) are one of the fastest-growing classes of biopharmaceuticals for multiple clinical indications including cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders and infectious disease. In the antibody discovery workflow, primary screens identify IgG expressing mouse hybridoma and/or B cell clones with specific antigen binding attributes which are subsequently characterized through IgG isotyping, antibody quantification, and cell health assays. This multi-step process yields the critical information needed to identify and isolate the correct genetic material for downstream production clone creation.

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Streamlining the Antibody Discovery Workflow at ModiQuest Research

Breakthroughs in molecular engineering and antibody humanization, have resulted in monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) becoming one of the fastest-growing classes of biopharmaceuticals for multiple clinical indications.

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NEW Research Arc: Precision Medicine, Volume 2: New Targets for Cancer Immunotherapy

Finding the needle in the haystack.
Welcome to Research Arc, a collection of Cell Press research hand-picked to advance your business. Research Arc helps you stay connected with the latest topics in therapeutic development programs, tapping into every stage of the translational continuum—from discovery to diagnostics.

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From Mammalian Cell Cultures to Pure Proteins: Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Significantly Reduces Cell Harvest Time

The novel Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V Kit was evaluated for the removal of transiently IgG expressing mammalian MEXi-293E (HEK293) cells from cell cultures. The method was directly compared to the present standard method that required two centrifugation steps. After clarification, recombinant IgG harboring a Twin-Strep-tag® was purified from all samples in parallel by a one-step Strep-Tactin®XT Superflow® high capacity affinity purification process.

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