Compendium - Accelerated Antibody Discovery

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) still remain a focus of biopharma research. In the discovery process, you need to make crucial decisions, such as selecting your best clones and identifying your best drug candidates. This can be challenging, especially when using traditional screening methods.

Recent advances in assay technology, however, are beginning to transform the antibody discovery process. These advances give you the ability to perform high-throughput, multiplexed, and multiparameter assays that get you to actionable results faster, accelerating the discovery and development process.  

Download this application compendium to discover how advanced flow cytometry enables you to expedite your antibody discovery process with:

  • Multifactorial and actionable results for more insight and better decisions
  • Reduction in the potential for error and, thus, experiment time
  • Quick and efficient evaluation of critical productivity attributes for each clone

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