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People at Sartorius are experienced specialists, many of them among the best in their field, who appreciate the freedom to leave a footprint with their work every day. At the same time, they are great team players who value diverse perspectives and know that success is a joint effort.

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Product Development

With globally leading technologies in fields like cell cultivation, fermentation, filtration, and purification for producing biopharmaceuticals and laboratory equipment, Sartorius offers its customers a broad product portfolio. In Product Development, for example, you will work as a scientist, engineer or lab expert with other internal specialists and external  partners to create innovative product ideas and develop them further.

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Our sales teams consist of account managers and sales representatives who know their customers' work down to the smallest detail. They are responsible for finding the best solutions to make the customers' work life easier, for building long-term relationships with our customers and for securing new business for our company. Regular training and mentoring programs strengthen both your expertise and practical skills.

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In service you are one of the most important contacts to our customers, for example, as a service technician or field service specialist. As a reliable consultant and a trusted advisor, you are on site when set-up, maintenance or training is required. Your sound knowledge of the customers' work processes and of our products is decisive for this. Through regular trainings you continuously strengthen your know-how and skills.

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Information Technology

In IT, you support the company's growth by driving forward the digitization of corporate and production processes and connecting 11,000 colleagues around the globe. Whether for industry 4.0, automation, IT security, digital collaboration or the on-going development of our innovation culture - your technical skills, intercultural competence and affinity for agile working methods will come in handy. IT experts also find opportunities to make a contribution in our product development and management departments.

Working in IT

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The eBusiness team provides our Marketing and Sales specialists with market-leading technologies in order to create an intuitive and simplified customer experience along our digital touch points - above all our website and e-shop. Whether you are a web platform specialist or e-procurement expert, as a digital pioneer, you will contribute to shaping innovative solutions in an agile working environment.

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At Sartorius, the field of marketing offers diverse opportunities: As a product manager, for example, you are in charge of our technologies throughout their entire life cycle. You will act as the interface between Product Development, Sales, and Marketing Communications. In Marketing Communications, you will support our sales teams with marketing activities that reach from integrated campaigns to trade fair exhibitions.

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Our Operations teams around the world are responsible for ensuring smooth-running and efficient processes in production. Whether you take care of supply chain management, quality assurance, continuous improvement or the manufacturing itself, your focus will be on quality, efficiency, and, above all, securing the supply of our products which are used in the development and production of urgently needed drugs and new therapies.

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Corporate Research

In this corporate function, our scientists and engineers work in an interdisciplinary partnership with customers, research institutions and start-ups to identify technologies and application fields of long-term relevance and elaborate these in our research laboratories. Their goal: Create solutions that help to develop and manufacture medications faster and more efficiently. Current focus topics include artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Corporate Functions

Our corporate functions include Business Development, Business Process Management, Finance & Controlling Legal, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Corporate Branding and Facility Management. In these areas you support our two Business Divisions, Bioprocess Solutions and Lab Products and Services, and help to ensure that all corporate business processes run smoothly.

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Shelly Ren, Head of Application Services, China

Sartorius is a great company for life science talents to bring innovative technologies to the biopharmaceutical industry. I deeply appreciate the open, flexible, encouraging working environment the company offers, helping me to make my career dream a reality. I am quite proud of my personal development as well as of the business goals and organizational development my team and I have achieved so far. And I’m very much looking forward to continuing this journey.

Adrian Ley, Scientist, Germany

What I like about working at Sartorius is the significant interdisciplinary combination of fields, particularly of the natural sciences, materials science and the engineering sciences. This collaborative approach enables me to continuously learn something new, even beyond my field of expertise.

Katja Herwig, IT User Experience, Germany

I work on many interesting projects and am in touch with many departments and international colleagues, which makes my job so diverse and exciting. Each day is completely different, but does provide one constant: I am part of the great Sartorius family and feel the enjoyment and openness of my colleagues. Sartorius brings together different cultures every day.

Wilberg Tan, Demand Planner, Singapore

It has been over two years since I started my career with Sartorius. I am happy to continuously get opportunities to grow - individually and professionally - with the company. My role requires me to work with people across the globe and our company culture has made every experience enjoyable and meaningful. With a happy place to work and good colleagues, it makes me feel like a second home. I am glad to work at a company that’s "simplifying progress" for both its customers and employees.

Norman Heidelberg, Service Technician, Germany

I enjoy personal interaction with so many different people and being able to independently plan and perform my work activities. The ever-changing tasks and challenges make my job exciting and rich in variety, and I also get a small sense of achievement when I have found the right solution and the customer is satisfied.

Sandra Mei, Head of Human Resources Asia

At Sartorius, sometimes the shoes you put on in the morning don’t fit anymore in the evening. Change accompanies us every day – and creates a world of opportunities for us.

Ralf Mohrschladt, Physicist & Head of Supply Chain Management, Germany

I am very much attracted by the science and health focus of our truly innovation-driven portfolio. And I can hardly imagine a better multicultural working environment that encourages creativity, togetherness, can-do mentality and, consequently, enjoyment of work so well – right from day one!

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