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Around 16,000 employees from 119 nations around the globe contribute to the success of Sartorius. The company is growing and has created an average of ~2,000 new jobs per year since 2018, acknowledging individual differences and embracing the kaleidoscope of our diverse world.

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Diversity & Inclusion 

Incorporating diversity at all levels within Sartorius is our strategic objective. We actively recruit talents with a mix of cultures, genders, age groups, educational backgrounds, and careers. The benefits of diverse perspectives and experiences result in better understanding our customers, developing customized solutions, and remaining competitive in a global economy. 

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Aubrey Pratt, Principal Embedded Software Engineer

For anyone seeking to understand or be an ally, self-directed education can go a long way in helping colleagues in the LGBT+ community feel supported and respected. The emotional labor of creating a more accepting workplace should not fall to LGBT+ colleagues. We must all do the work. I’m an out trans person in an office that is predominantly cisgender and heterosexual and if everyone had just one question and they directed all those questions to me; it would be overwhelming. I love answering questions, but I encourage people to do their own research as well.

Jessica Cruz, Manager of Engineering Single Use Technology

In my career, I was always the only woman or person of color in the room that was an engineer. At Sartorius, I am surrounded by a very diverse group of engineers and we all support each other. That kind of forward-thinking is a great step to promote representation in the STEM field.

Febin Varghese, Automation Engineer

My international assignments have offered me mobility across geographical and cultural boundaries. I do face cultural differences. The best way to overcome these challenges is to be a "highly culture flexible" person. The social support and the support from the company and from both the host country and the home country helped me to easily adapt during the assignment period.

Luis Lora, Head of Operations Yauco

Puerto Ricans at Sartorius are part of the solution to the coronavirus pandemic and we continue to grow our operations in Puerto Rico: We have almost 1,400 employees right now. At the beginning of year 2021, we were about 800 and we will finish the year with about 1,500 people. This provides opportunities for everyone.

Dineen Sigona, Perfomance Management Specialist

Diversity and Inclusion is personal to me. I'm gay and I have an adopted son, who is also gay and Hispanic. We have been subjected to a lot of negative situations and he has been discriminated against for both reasons. It's especially important in these challenging times that we ensure we are fostering a work environment where everyone feels welcome, equal and valued. It's vital to embrace each others differences.

Joe Brendle, Product Specialist Freeze & Thaw

It's important to understand intrinsic bias. We all have our biases and there are some we don't even realize we have, but when we evaluate our own behavior it can lead to better self-awareness. Through my church, I've done some work and reflection in the area of social justice. I'm glad Sartorius is actively working on establishing D&I in the workplace more and more.

Policies and Documents

Sartorius offers its employees all the benefits of a global corporation as well as the opportunity to make change happen and, together with a motivated team, to shape the future. Positivity in the workplace, lack of hierarchies, quick decision-making and open lines of communication form the basis of our collaboration. Our policy on labor practices and social standards are clearly defined based on a standardized approach.

Sartorius offers a broad range of continuing education courses consisting of management and communication training seminars, as well as technical training sessions, at all sites. Mandatory annual performance reviews between employees and their managers provide a forum for discussing performance, goals and individual development opportunities. We conduct all annual performance reviews worldwide using the same criteria. Sartorius fills management positions from within whenever possible.

Sartorius adheres to high safety standards to minimize job-related medical conditions, health risks, and potential industrial accidents. The basic principles on occupational safety and health protection are defined throughout Sartorius in its corporate policy on workplace safety and health. We incorporate guidance from the International Labor Organization (ILO) as well as national regulations and recommendations. We continually improve our job safety and work organization conditions. Planned, mandatory employee training on occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection ensure that our staff members recognize risks and avoid them accordingly.

Sartorius Position on Workplace Health and Safety

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