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With our innovative technologies, Sartorius is part of the solution in the fight against cancer, dementia and many other diseases. To enable new technological breakthroughs for life science research and the biopharma industry, we are looking for creative minds with digital expertise - from software to data to eBusiness and IT.

At Sartorius, you will find the chance to contribute your ideas in an agile work environment and develop with one of the fastest growing global life science companies.

Which Role Matches Your Profile?

Hardly any of our products work without software. Whether in R&D, IT Development and Innovation, eBusiness or even Marketing, software experts will find entry and growth opportunities in diverse functions at Sartorius.

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  Software Developer | Engineer | Architect

  Full Stack Developer

  Firmware Engineer

  DevOps Engineer

  Lead Architect

  Software Test Manager | Engineer

  Quality Assurance Specialist

One of the programs the team develops: BioPAT® MFCS SCADA Software for bioprocess data management and automation

Data is the foundation to decision making and problem solving, whether to help our customers speed up research and production or optimize our own business. Look for roles particularly in R&D, IT, eBusiness, Data Strategy and Management, Project and Program or Business Process Management.

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  Data Scientists

  Data Engineers

  Data Analysts

  Data Management Technicians

Are you a tech-savvy and innovative thinker? Do you want to continuously improve digital platforms in collaborative teams based on customer needs? Join us in one of our global roles that promote agile working methods -  particularly in R&D, IT and eBusiness.

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 Agile Coaches

 Product Owners

 Scrum Masters

 UX | UI Specialists

IT professionals come with a broad bandwidth of expertise and specializations, which is why roles at Sartorius are just as diverse. Find these particularly in IT but also in R&D.

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  IT Solution Architects and Engineers

  System/Application Architects and Engineers

  (Cloud) Infrastructure Architects

  Process Mining and Automation Specialists

  Security Engineers

  IT Quality Assurance Specialists

  Project Managers

  Salesforce, SAP and Workday Experts

Discover Your Stack of Opportunities by Business Function

Simplify IT workflows internally and for our customers

Our IT department supports the company's growth by driving the digitization of corporate and production processes, connecting more than 15,000 colleagues worldwide and creating innovative customer touch points.

From software engineering to Industry 4.0, IT infrastructure and security to SAP and Salesforce integrations: This area offers diverse tasks at twelve locations worldwide. Do you want to work on global projects, simplify IT processes and make an impact? Then become part of our IT team.

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Working in Information Technology

Watch the video to learn more about working at Sartorius and meet members of the IT team

Meet the IT Software Development and Innovation team

How Digital Customer Experience Simplifies Medical Progress

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Bring our pioneering technologies to the next level

With globally leading technologies in fields like cell cultivation, fermentation, filtration, and purification for producing biopharmaceuticals as well as laboratory equipment, Sartorius intends to make its customers' work faster.

For this, we need to be pioneers. We need to think ahead to identify ways to make our solutions even better: How can we turn data into insights faster? How can applications be more user-friendly? How can systems work more effectively together? How can we automate processes to save our customers' time?

Join our global Product Development team at sites in Europe, North America and the Asia | Pacific region if you too want to bring in your skills and ideas to find answers to these questions.

Jobs in Product Development

Meet the Bioprocess Product Development team for Software

How Software Developers Simplify the Production of New Drugs

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Meet the Data Analytics team in Sweden

How Data Scientists and Software Engineers in Sweden Help Create Better Medicine Faster

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Create tomorrow's technological breakthroughs today

Our corporate research department focuses on finding innovative solutions through tech transfer. The team of scientists and engineers works in interdisciplinary teams with customers, research institutions and start-ups to identify key technologies and application fields of the future that might be the next game-changer in biopharma research and production. In addition, they also pursue their own research activities in selected fields. A current focus is, for example, on elaborating how data, artificial intelligence and deep learning can effectively contribute to bring new medications to patients faster.

Join the team - for example in software development or data science roles - if you are passionate for new ideas and ready to find creative solutions to the challenges of tomorrow today.

Jobs in Corporate Research

Meet CTO Oscar-Werner Reif

“We ask: ‘Does this technology add value for our customers and for patients?’”

Read Interview Series

Research and Innovation at Sartorius

With innovative tools and technologies, we support life science research and the biopharmaceutical industry.

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Create the Most Simplified Customer Experience

The three teams within the eBusiness department provide our Marketing and Sales specialists with market-leading technologies in order to create an intuitive and simplified customer experience along all of Sartorius' digital touch points. 

Join our eBusiness teams if you are a digital pioneer who wants to contribute to continuously transforming Sartorius through innovative, scalable eBusiness solutions.

Jobs in eBusiness

Working in eBusiness

Watch the video to learn more about working at Sartorius and meet members of the eBusiness team.

Meet the Web Platforms team

The Web Platforms team owns and continuously improves digital platforms like the global eShop and website. They empower the Sales & Marketing teams to better and faster connect to our customers though easy to use backends and simplified processes. Also, the platforms provide up to date information and award winning UX, enabling Sartorius' customers to find the right solutions easily and to shop around the globe.

Read more on the Sartorius Blog


The eProcurement team integrates procurement and supply chain processes between Sartorius and our large customers. Their solutions simplify the customer's buying experience with PunchOuts and Hosted Catalogs and automate the digital exchange of order related documents through EDI connections.

Marketing & Sales Platforms

The Marketing & Sales Platforms team uses our CRM System Salesforce to allow Sartorius to manage and analyse its own interactions with past, current and potential customers. The CRM uses data analysis about customers' history with Sartorius to improve business relationships, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.

Empowering well-founded business decisions

The Data Strategy & Management team aims to improve operational processes, address customer needs and drive digital transformation based on data. Sartorius Data Experts, Data Engineers as well as Data Scientists manage how data is collected and processed and they empower colleagues across all functions to make well-founded business decisions. 

Jobs in Data Strategy & Management

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What's in it for you?

What you can expect from us

A good job is more than a modern working environment and competitive benefits. At Sartorius, you will also find

  • Collaboration in international project teams with state-of-the art technologies
  • Openness for your personal contribution, ideas and perspectives
  • Start-up culture in a corporation: agile culture and global scope
  • Flexible hours and opportunities to work remotely
  • Professional training to support your growth and learning
  • Strong purpose: be part of the solution in the fight against global diseases

What we ask for

  • The ambition to contribute to our vision "better health for more people"
  • The commitment to think in new spheres and constantly innovate
  • A can-do mentality and hands-on attitude
  • Identification with our corporate values: sustainability, openness, enjoyment

How Software, Data and IT Experts Are Part of the Solution

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