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Smarter Technologies for Advancing the Next Generation of CAR-T Therapies

For immunotherapy researchers, Sartorius in vitro assay solutions reduce complexity through deeper insights, streamlined workflows via the collapse of various assays, validation of results by complementary technologies, and robust multiparametric software analysis.

The quest to extend the success of CD19 directed CAR-T therapy to other hematologic malignancies (e.g. CD123-specific ALL/AML), and ultimately solid tumors, ideally with off-the-shelf CAR-T solutions, is of paramount importance. 

In order to achieve this, appropriate R&D in vitro methods are required to rapidly identify  novel tumor antigens and engineer effective, tumor-seeking T-cells. This process includes evaluating various CAR delivery methods used to introduce genetic modifications as well as the continuous assessment of specificity, toxicity and  activity of these modulated T-cells. 

Also, for increased safety, we need to ensure through constant monitoring that, at no point in the experimental process, we allow for contamination (e.g. mycoplasma).

The iQue® advanced flow cytometry and Incucyte® automated, continuous live-cell analysis platforms (instrumentation, reagents and software solutions), in combination with rapid (< 3 hours) contamination testing and plate seeding (Picus® & Picus® Nxt series) solutions form the optimal combination for your CAR-T research needs.

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Disrupting the Solid Tumor Environment Using CAR-T Therapies

CAR-T experts about the challenges and novel strategies for targeting CAR T and related ACT platforms to the solid tumor environment.

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From Boutique to Global: Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cells as a Model for Clinical Development and Commercialization

Listen to Univ. of Pennsylvania's Dr. Bruce Levine as he discusses the science of CAR T-cells and their huge global impact.

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Gaining Critical Characterization Insights for Development of CAR-T Therapies for Solid Tumors 

Get expert views from leading CAR-T scientists as they share their valuable insights on the current status.

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Challenges and Solutions in CAR-T Discovery and Development

Learn about the challenges of developing CAR-T therapies and innovative solutions to address these challenges.

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Faster, Smarter Screening for CAR-T: iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

A high throughput CAR-T cell analysis platform suited for T cell activation & cytokine profiling assays and multiplexed phenotypic analysis.

Speed — Fasted plate sampling, integrated analysis, multiplexed no-wash assays, and novel data reduction tools

Miniaturization — Conserve precious samples and reagents by sampling as little as a single microliter from miniaturized assay volumes

Content — High content, multiplexed analysis of cells, beads and secreted proteins

Usability — Simple, scalable, multi-user environment with walkaway automation, comprehensive analysis and visualization tools

Insight — ForeCyt Software with dynamic visualization tools provides rapid identification of wells of interest, even if run on multiple plates acquired on different days

High throughput, multiplex screening and testing of cell-mediated cytotoxicity, targeting, and CAR transduction to get from sample to actionable results - in record time.

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Validate your CAR-T Hits: Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

Real-time, automated imaging and analysis of CAR-T cell homing (chemotaxis), activation and function, directly from inside your incubator.

  • Real-time continuous analysis means you never miss a data point
  • Profile cell-specific and time-dependent biological activity
  • Visualize and validate results with images and movies
  • Multiplex measurements in 96- and 384-well assay formats

Validate your HT screen results by visualizing in 2D/3D CAR-T cytotoxicity , apoptosis, and T-cell health & proliferation with integrated hardware & software solutions.

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Engineered for the Culture and Expansion of Lymphocytes: C4Cell®️ Nutri-T Medium

The 4Cell®️ Nutri-T medium is a xeno-free, serum-free medium, optimized for the activation and expansion of PBMC's (T cells, CAR-T) and TILs in ex vivo cell culture conditions.

4Cell®️ Nutri-T eliminates the need for serum addition, and thus simplifies the process, lowers the regulatory risk, and reduces the associated logistical burden. 4Cell®️ Nutri-T was developed using actual cancer patient cells, and it shows excellent performance for PBMC, TIL and CAR-T, even at low initial seeding densities.

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Test & Monitor for Contamination: Microsart® Detection Kits

Providing fast contaminant detection during CAR-T discovery & development for increased safety. Rapid, highly specific & sensitive.

  • Detect >95% of all known bacteria in one test
  • Results in 3 hours: prior to treatment
  • Specific TaqMan® probes reduce false-positives
  • Non-infectious validation standards
  • Less pipetting: controls already included

Sensitive applications involving CAR-T cells, cancer cell lines, spheroids, require optimal external environments, that are free of contaminants. Make sure that your cells are at their physiological optimum.

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Plate Seeding: Picus® and Picus® Nxt Electronic Pipettes 

Your pipette can be an extension of your hand, and is one of the most used (and most personal) tools in your laboratory. Manual and electronic pipette options enable multiple plate setups to optimize CAR-T cell culture and analysis conditions, while maximizing comfort and minimizing strain injuries.

Precise E:T ratios for correct % specific lysis calculations are crucial, hence minimizing the risk of error to ensure accuracy in seeding across a large number of plates is an absolute prerequisite for excellent results.

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Other Featured CAR-T Research Applications

In Vitro Assays

Assay technology and software for analysis of immune cell activation, proliferation, and killing; tumor infiltrating lymphocyte monitoring

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Cell Culture and Viral Vector Sample Preparation

Solutions for imaging and analysis of cell culture viability and development

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Selection, Activation and Transduction

CAR-T research solutions for transduction and creation of engineered T cells, artificial T cell receptors (TCR)

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Cell Expansion

Cell culture expansion systems for autologous and allogeneic T cell replacement therapy

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Cell Characterization, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control

Solutions for characterization of CAR-T cells, contaminant detection, toxicity (CARTOX) and cytokine storm

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CAR-T Discovery & Development Resources

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CAR-T Discovery & Development Resources

View webinars, eBooks, infographics, literature and other educational material in our CAR-T Discovery & Development Resources area.


Disrupting the Solid Tumor Environment Using CAR T Therapies

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Gene-Modulation Tech in the Development of Cell-Based Therapies

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Overcoming Toxicities

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CAR T-cell Therapy and Bispecific Antibodies

Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy

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iQue® Next-Gen CAR-T Development App Compendium

Discover how advanced flow cytometry enables you to expedite CAR-T discovery.

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