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Solutions for Characterization of CAR-T Cells, Contaminant Detection, Toxicity (CARTOX) and Cytokine Storm

As CAR-T therapy development progresses, cell characterization and safety measures must be implemented and documented thoroughly. It is vital to continually ensure cellular identity and function. Cell cultures must also be verified to be free from contaminants. These processes are often time-sensitive, and classical sterility testing takes a long time, so an additional rapid solution is important. Real-time screening and analysis solutions provided by Sartorius enable continuous phenotypic & functional analysis over time, and contaminant-free systems coupled with rapid testing options help ensure safety.

Don’t compromise your ambition. Gain trust in your cell characterization efforts by using the best equipment and software available. The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System allows you to continually visualize and analyze the health and integrity of your cell cultures while the Intellicyt® iQue3 enables characterization efforts rapidly and with minimal sample volumes. The Virus Counter® Platform can be used to continue to assess the quality and quantity of your viral particles to support process development.  Microsart® ATMP rapid real-time PCR mycoplasma and bacterial detection kits enable fast, easy contaminant detection for assurance of patient safety prior to treatment.

Microsart® ATMP Rapid Real-time PCR Mycoplasma/Bacterial Detection Kits and Microsart® Mycoplasma qPCR Detection Assays

Rapid, highly specific & sensitive method providing fast contaminant detection during CAR-T cell characterization. Unique and highly specific TaqMan® qPCR assays are validated according to the International Pharmacopeia and increase patient safety prior to treatment.

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IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

Automatically capture and analyze images of living 2D and 3D cell cultures. Get real time visualization of immune-cell killing assays, cell health, and viability. Assess antibody mediated phagocytosis, immune cell mediated apoptosis, and T cell proliferation & clustering without disturbing cells.

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Intellicyt® iQue3

Achieve fast, reliable analysis of your in vitro assay readouts with the iQue® 3. The combination of speed and miniaturization, with powerful multi-parametric data analysis and visualization, gives you actionable results from a few microliters of sample, in record time.
Screen for immune cell killing, cytokine profiling, and more. Perform cytotoxicity assays easily, quickly, and reproducibly.

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Pipetting with Picus® and Tacta®

Reliability of an assay depends strongly on the preparation phase. The programmable electronic pipette Picus reduces variability between users. Selecting a multichannel pipette will speed up your work and improve cell well-being by reducing the time outside the incubator. Both electronic Picus and manual Tacta pipettes guarantee the best pipetting ergonomics.

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Virus Counter® Platform

CAR-T viral vector quantification has never been easier or faster. Measure total virus particles quickly and reproducibly to enable in vitro assays. ViroTag® no-wash assays for lentivirus, AAV, and other viruses minimize variability and enable confidence over traditional methods.

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NEW: Delve deeper into the biology of T Cell Exhaustion with our new Human T Cell Exhaustion Cell and Cytokine Profiling Kit.

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