Flexible, contaminant-free cell expansion solutions for CAR-T therapy development

Cell Culture Expansion Systems for Autologous and Allogeneic T Cell Replacement Therapy

After creation of the initial population of engineered CAR-T cells, the next critical step is expansion of that population to a scale that will enable additional in vitro and preclinical tests.  Your ambition is to maintain the integrity of the cells throughout that expansion process.  We at Sartorius want to ensure that you have the best tools and technologies to accomplish this, and that you don’t compromise your ambition.

Expansion of the CAR-T cell population requires precise analysis, contaminant-free conditions, and confidence that all supporting technologies and assays are providing real and reproducible results.  The MYCAP® CCX Cell Expansion System supports aseptic cell expansion from vial to bioreactor in shake flasks outside of the biosafety cabinet. Early in the process, foundational equipment such as pipettes ensures precision and reproducibility to the smallest detail. Seamlessly transfer culture to the BIOSTAT® RM Bioreactor to continue your GMP compliant production.

MYCAP® CCX Cell Expansion System

The combination of integral tubing for aseptic transfer and a gas exchange cartridge for cell growth and cell expansion enables safe and repeatable expansion outside the biosafety cabinet.  Grow your cultures to a larger scale to support key preclinical, clinical and cGMP manufacturing.

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BIOSTAT RM TX Bioreactor

GMP compliant wave-mixed bioreactor that enables ex vivo expansion of autologous T-cells, while facilitating process development as well.

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Pipetting with Picus® and Tacta®

Reliability of an assay depends strongly on the preparation phase. The programmable electronic pipette Picus reduces variability between users. Selecting a multichannel pipette will speed up your work and improve cell well-being by reducing the time outside the incubator. Both electronic Picus and manual Tacta pipettes guarantee the best pipetting ergonomics.

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Virus Counter® Platform

CAR-T viral vector quantification has never been easier or faster. Measure total virus particles quickly and reproducibly to enable in vitro assays. ViroTag® no-wash assays for lentivirus, AAV, and other viruses minimize variability and enable confidence over traditional methods.

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Optimized T cell profiling assay to improve ex vivo expansion
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CAR-T Discovery & Development Resources

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iQue Next-Gen CAR-T Development App Compendium

Discover how advanced flow cytometry enables you to expedite CAR-T discovery.

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