Selection, activation, and transduction solutions for CAR-T development

Solutions for CAR-T Cell Selection, Activation and Transduction

CAR-T research solutions for transduction and creation of engineered T cells, artificial T cell receptors (TCR)

The CAR-T development workflow includes activation of T cell receptor signaling, vector production, efficient transduction and genetic modification of cells, and addition of signals to stimulate expansion, improve persistence of CAR-T cells. To help you trust in the accuracy, precision and sterility of these processes, Sartorius offers instruments, software and reagents to enable real-time analysis of cultures during each step of the process.  Complex biological phenomena are able to be analyzed and screened in real time, and information-rich data provide confidence that the end result is a CAR-T candidate that can progress to the next step of the development process.

IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

Automatically capture and analyze images of living 2D and 3D cell cultures. Get real time visualization of immune-cell killing assays, cell health, and viability. Assess antibody mediated phagocytosis, immune cell mediated apoptosis, and T-cell proliferation & clustering without disturbing cells.

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Intellicyt® iQue3

Achieve fast, reliable analysis of your in vitro assay readouts with the Intellicyt iQue3. The combination of speed and miniaturization, with powerful multi-parametric data analysis and visualization, gives you actionable results from a few microliters of sample, in record time.
Screen for immune cell killing, cytokine profiling, and more. Perform cytotoxicity assays easily, quickly, and reproducibly.

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Pipetting with Picus® and Tacta®

Reliability of an assay depends strongly on the preparation phase. The programmable electronic pipette Picus reduces variability between users. Selecting a multichannel pipette will speed up your work and improve cell well-being by reducing the time outside the incubator. Both electronic Picus and manual Tacta pipettes guarantee the best pipetting ergonomics.

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Virus Counter® Platform

CAR-T viral vector quantification has never been easier or faster. Measure total virus particles quickly and reproducibly to enable in vitro assays. ViroTag® no-wash assays for lentivirus, AAV, and other viruses minimize variability and enable confidence over traditional methods.

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NEW: Delve deeper into the biology of T Cell Exhaustion with our new Human T Cell Exhaustion Cell and Cytokine Profiling Kit.

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CAR-T Discovery & Development Resources

View webinars, eBooks, infographics, literature and other educational material in our CAR-T Discovery & Development Resources area.

Brochure: Smarter Technologies for Advancing the Next Generation of CAR-T Therapies | July 2020

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