Save up to 70% Processing Time and Work Space with Ready-to-Use Membrane Chromatography

Fast and Efficient Contaminant Removal with Sartobind®

Anion Exchange Sartobind® Flow Through Membrane Chromatography delivers over 70% less processing time in polishing. Membrane Chromatography eliminates packing and cleaning validation, and has flow rates up to 20 times faster than traditional column chromatography. Use Sartobind® STIC, a salt tolerant Membrane Adsorber, to eliminate buffer dilution requirements and significantly reduce your process volumes.

Loading >10 kg mAb per L Membrane

Sartobind membrane adsorbers have about 40 to 200 times more polishing capacity than traditional chromatography columns and can be run at much higher flow rates during effective impurity removal steps:

  1. Virus clearance > 6 log
  2. DNA below detection limit
  3. Host cell protein removal > 99 %
  4. Endotoxin removal > 5 log

Boosting mAb Processes

Hydrophobic interaction chromatography by membranes allows for fast and effective aggregate removal resulting in 100% monomeric mAb in flow through mode.

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The Column Guard

Platform Your Downstream 0.2 μm Filtration with Sartopore® 2 XLG

Choose Sartopore® 2 XLG 0.8/0.2 μm for sterile filtration of downstream intermediates and protection of chromatography columns with demonstrated high capacity over numerous molecules. Its fully-scalable portfolio with standard offering as Filter Transfer Sets enables very easy integration into modern single-use processes.

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Read publication on 'Disposable Membrane Chromatography'!

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Virus clearance validation services

Confidence® Virus Clearance Services: Quicker LRV Results

Validate the viral reduction performance of Virosart® HF with our Confidence® Services: Highly purified viruses and expert knowledge.

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Your Biomanufacturing Solutions Partner

Rapid and cost-effective single-use / hybrid solutions from early phase development through scale-up to commercial manufacturing.

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