Reliable Inactivation with Automated pH Adjustment

Patient Safety & Robustness in Virus Clearance

Sartorius low pH virus inactivation solution combines proven technology with automation. Benefit from the most comprehensive platform in the market with our unique automated pH adjustment. This advanced low pH virus inactivation ensures precise virus clearance step in your mAb process.

Reduce Time and Labour During pH Virus Inactivation

Controlled Low pH Adjustment in a Single-use Assembly Using Flexact® Modular

Flexact® for low pH virus inactivation is fully scalable from 50L to 2,000L. The Flexact® controller is interchangeable throughout multiple process steps. This flexibility makes it ideal for use in multi-product facilities providing versatility and cost reduction as you do not require a separate unit for each process step. With the integrated single-use pH sensor and unique automated pH adjustment Flexact® Modular enables precise and fast virus clearance step in your mAb process.

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One Automation Platform

The core of Flexact® Modular, the controller, has been designed to be used in any application. This means you can quickly reconfigure Flexact® Modular in just a few easy steps. For example, take the Flexact® for buffer preparation and effortlessly convert it into Flexact® for virus removal. And it goes without saying that the technologies and products used in Flexact® are scalable. This makes Flexact® Modular a future-proof system in every respect; one that gives you the greatest possible flexibility.

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Robust Precipitate Removal

Entrust Sartopure® GF Plus with up to 1-log HCP Removal and to Protect Downstream 0.2 μm Filter

Sartopure® GF Plus 1.2 and 0.65 μm filters not only provide high throughput while protecting downstream Sartopore® 2 XLG 0.8/0.2 μm filter, but also helps polishing column downstream with up to 10X removal of HCP’s depending on load. Excellent prefilter solution with < 50% flush volume needed compared to cellulosic depth filters.

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Virus clearance validation services

Confidence® Virus Clearance Services: Quicker LRV Results

Validate the viral reduction performance of Virosart® HF with our Confidence® Services: Highly purified viruses and expert knowledge.

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Your Biomanufacturing Solutions Partner

Rapid and cost-effective single-use / hybrid solutions from early phase development through scale-up to commercial manufacturing.

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