Save time and improve reproducibility with Sartorius HPLC sample preparation solutions

Verify content and purity of drugs and excipients for contamination-free stent coatings

Quality Control of Drug Eluting Stents by HPLC requires robust, reliable sample preparation and streamlined workflows to ensure you get clean, reproducible, interference-free results. Sartorius supports you with simple, time-saving solutions for preparing your HPLC samples, as well as analyzing the content and purity of drug substances and excipients such as polymers for stents. This means your fully validated sample processing procedures can perform with robustness and reliability.
Small improvements from quality product selection can produce a significant impact on testing and is the simplest way to create the best results.

Check out these straightforward steps and optimized solutions to help you achieve accurate, reproducible results.

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Preparation of Standards – Easier than Ever with the Sartorius Cubis® MSA Dosing System

Improving your HPLC Sample Preparation is easier than ever with the Sartorius Cubis® MSA Dosing System. The Cubis MSA individual system with Q-App software automatically corrects the solvent volume to the appropriate value, eliminating the need to reach the precise target weight. At the end of the procedure, the weight of the compound(s) and solvents is used to...

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Ultrapure Water for HPLC Analysis The Role of Ultrapure Water

The quality of a solvent is often decisive for the reliability of an HPLC analytical run, as the presence of trace contaminants during gradient elution can result in “ghost or phantom peaks.” Deionized or distilled water still contains considerable quantities of organic substances, which can cause ghost peaks. Water of the quality required for HPLC can be either...

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Your HPLC results can only be as good as your sample prep quality

Optimized Sample Prep

Chromatogram with a stable baseline and symmetrical peaks

Using Sartorius products to prepare samples for HPLC prevents the usual problems from occurring and permits higher analytical accuracy to be attained.

  • No blockage of your HPLC column
  • Higher sensitivity of your HPLC column
  • Higher accuracy
  • Fewer false-positive peaks
  • Less background noise
  • No leachables

High Quality Standards for HPLC Sample Preparation

Extend the lifetime of your HPLC columns for accurate results

Preparation of Buffers and Dilution of Samples

Ensure consistent baselines and reduce ghost peaks with chromatography grade ultrapure water

Ultrapure Lab Water Systems:

arium® mini plus UV with Unique Bagtank Technology & arium® pro UV

  • ASTM Type 1 water to increase sensitivity of analytical results
  • Remove TOC levels down to a minimum and avoid background noises in chromatograms  
  • Our IQ/OQ service offering ensures regulatory conformity for GLP/GMP
  • Produce highly deionized water and minimize chemical ion interference

Preparation of Standards

Benefit from automated preparation and documentation of 100% comparable HPLC standards

Cubis® MSA Dosing System with Q-App Software

  • Fully automated preparation of standard series
  • Documentation of test procedures
  • Reliable and intuitive guidance through simple workflows
  • CFR21 Part 11 compliant records


Experience ergonomic pipettes and reliable pipetting results of even the lowest volumes

Tacta® Mechanical Pipettes

  • Effortless pipetting thanks to ergonomic design
  • Volume lock for reliable pipetting results
  • Easy calibration and adjustment

Picus® Electronic Pipettes

  • Accurate and precise pipetting results
  • Fully electronic operation and easy to use
  • Light weight pipette for superior pipetting ergonomics

Low Retention Tips 

  • Optimal sample recovery
  • Purity certified


Protect and extend the lifetime of your HPLC columns by removing particles from samples for consistently reliable analytical results

Claristep® Filtration System 

  • Harness the power and convenience of filtering 8 HPLC samples simultaneously with Claristep®. Minisart® RC filter units are certified by lot for HPLC sample preparation.
  • Total ease of use
  • Maximum chemical resistance and compatibility

Minisart® Syringe Filters

  • Reliable particle removal, without adding any extractables or leachables to your samples
  • Minisart® RC comes with a lot-specific HPLC purity certificate
  • Fastest flow of filtered samples without blocking

Brochure: HPLC Sample Preparation

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