Safe and reliable pipetting of even the smallest volumes

To prepare solvents for filtration, you need to pipette them accurately. Given their expensive price tag, it is really important to use every last microliter. Sure, this may be routine work for you, but with the best equipment, you will be able to make a positive impact on your lab budget.

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Picus®️ 2 Electronic Pipette - Connected for the Future With Bluetooth...

Use Sartorius pipetting mobile app to smoothly run sample preparation workflows and adjust the pipette setting automatically, taking your productivity to the next level. Open connectivity enables you to integrate Picus® 2 to be part of an existing system

Thanks to multi-dispensing mode and other modes work steps are reduced for both single and multichannel models

Revolutionize repetitive work and utilize multiple pipetting modes, from pipetting and diluting to serial dispensing to speed up work— compared to only two modes for the mechanical pipettes.

Fully electronic pipetting functions and more precise and smooth piston movement compared to mechanical pipettes.


Are You GLP/GMP Compliant When it Comes to Pipetting? 

Our new application note introduces tools and principles that can help you with these demanding requirements, especially when it comes to your pipetting practices. A pipette is a precision measuring apparatus that has a significant influence on your lab results, but it can also be your companion in ensuring compliance.

Is Your Pipetting Compliant?


Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette

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Tacta® Mechanical Pipette With Safetyspace® Filter Tips

The new Tacta® mechanical pipette is perfectly balanced to meet all your needs during pipetting. Its ergonomic design and low weight ensure easy and convenient handling.

Optilock, a unique Sartorius feature, provides flexibility for volume adjustment and locking – reliably preventing accidental volume changes during pipetting.

Especially in HPLC, you need a simple way of adjusting your pipette to many liquids with different viscosities to ensure accurate results during pipetting.

The matching Safetyspace® Filter tips feature an exceptionally even surface for minimal residual liquid retained inside.

Brochure: Tacta® Mechanical Pipettes — Perfectly Balanced

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Optimal sample recovery - The matching Low Retention tips feature an exceptionally even and repellent surface so that virtually zero residual liquid is retained inside.

Low Retention Tips — Optimum Flow for Optimum Recovery

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Arium Mini ultrapure water system

Step 1. Preparation of Solvents

Arium® Mini plus UV and Arium® Pro ultrapure lab water systems

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Step 2. Preparation of Standards

Cubis® balance with Q-App software

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Picus 2 120 µL electronic pipette, Tacta 200 µL mechanical pipette side-by-side in gloved hands

Step 3. Pipetting

Tacta® and Picus® pipettes with Low Retention tips

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Step 4. Filtration

Claristep® filtration system and Minisart® filtration units

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