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Consistent baselines and fewer ghost peaks with fresh ultrapure water

Tests have proven that up to 80% of the problems occurring during HPLC runs are attributable to inadequate water quality. This is why the use of a highly pure mobile phase is essential for ensuring the highest analytical-grade quality. The eluents must be especially pure in terms of their physical and chemical properties and may not contain any organic impurities or particles. Even purchased HPLC-grade water is frequently found to have a high total organic carbon (TOC) level.

The Arium® Pro ultrapure water systems for volumes > 10 L/day

The Arium® Pro system meet all requirements for Type 1 reagent-grade water according to the ASTM, NCCLS, ISO and USP standards.

Graphic and acoustic signals indicate maintenance cycles, alerts and alarms if any limits are exceeded, as well as cartridge change-out intervals.

The Arium® Pro systems provide excellent retention rates of RNases, DNases and endotoxins, as well as outstanding reduction of TOCs. This makes them highly suitable for analytical applications, such as cell cultivation and chromatography.


Brochure: Arium® Water Purification Systems

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Brochure: Arium® Mini – Compact Ultrapure Water Systems for 10 Liters per Day

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The Arium® Mini plus UV ultrapure water systems for up to 10...

The closed Bagtank system reliably protects purified water from secondary contamination by airborne particles and organisms, such as microbes.

Automatically controlled pressure compensation reliably prevents CO2 from penetrating the disposable bag of the Bagtank system. Moreover, Arium® Mini plus UV rules out typical impurities that would otherwise result from HPLCgrade bottled water, such as Na+ ions.

Depending on your needs, the bag can be easily exchanged within just 5 minutes. This prevents the buildup of a biofilm that commonly occurs inside conventional tank systems. As a result, an additional source of TOC is eliminated right from the start.

Arium Mini ultrapure water system

Step 1. Preparation of Solvents

Arium® Mini plus UV and Arium® Pro ultrapure lab water systems

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Step 2. Preparation of Standards

Cubis® balance with Q-App software

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Step 3. Pipetting

Tacta® and Picus® pipettes with Low Retention tips

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Step 4. Filtration

Claristep® filtration system and Minisart® filtration units

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