Consistent Baselines and Fewer Ghost Peaks With Fresh Ultrapure Water

Tests have proven that up to 80% of the problems occurring during HPLC runs are attributable to inadequate water quality. This is why the use of a highly pure mobile phase is essential for ensuring the highest analytical-grade quality. The eluents must be especially pure in terms of their physical and chemical properties and may not contain any organic impurities or particles. Even purchased HPLC-grade water is frequently found to have a high total organic carbon (TOC) level.

Ultrapure Water Systems for Reliable Sample Prep

Arium® Pro Ultrapure Water Systems

Application-orientated and flexible to meet your needs

  • Modular – System selection specifically for your application 
  • Consistent quality – Meet or exceed ASTM Type 1 water quality to increase sensitivity of analytical results
  • Easy to use – Display with touch function and intuitive menu
  • Fast – Favorites function with direct access for recurring volumes

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Arium® Mini Ultrapure Water Systems

Compact laboratory water systems for 10 liters per day

  • Reliable - Delivers consistently high water quality for reliable and reproducible results
  • Intuitive - Touch-activated color display with direct access to all important dispensing options 
  • Innovative - With unique bagtank technology, depending on the type of system; saves time-intensive tank cleaning
  • Compact - Space-saving, with a width of only 28 cm

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New: Arium® Smart Station Water Dispensing System

New: Arium® Smart Station Water Dispensing System

The Most Flexible Solution for Dispensing Pure and Ultrapure Water

  • Compact design for easy and space-saving integration in your lab environment
  • Intuitive touch-activated color display with direct access to all important functions
  • Flexible and stepless height adjustment to fill different size containers and beakers
  • Ergonomic design can be optimized for either right- or left-hand operation
  • Accurate volume dispense for fast and precise buffer and sample preparation
  • Adjustable, splash-free flow rate from drop-by-drop to 2 liters per minute

Arium Smart Station - Water. Exactly Where You Need It.

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Solvents Workflow at a Glance

Arium Mini ultrapure water system

Step 1. Preparation of Solvents

Arium® Mini plus UV and Arium® Pro ultrapure lab water systems

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Step 2. Preparation of Standards

Cubis® balance with Q-App software

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Step 3. Pipetting

Tacta® and Picus® pipettes with Low Retention tips

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Step 4. Filtration

Claristep® filtration system and Minisart® filtration units

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