Filtration systems that ensure pure, top quality wine and preserve the flavor profile of your hard seltzer. Cost-effective. Low maintenance. Compact design. Fast implementation.

We’ve designed our cartridges so that filtration doesn’t affect the body, aroma or taste of your wines. Our sealed system excludes any contact with oxygen. You can clean, sterilize and re-use our cartridges several times, which helps keep costs down. You can use the cartridges for clarification to fine filtration right up to total retention of microorganisms if required. Each product provides high throughput with 100% error-free operation. Safe, reliable and accurate, the range’s smart design combines manual and automated systems.

We've designed our filtration products to improve shelf life while maintaining the flavor profile of your hard seltzer, Our products can be adapted to a wide variety of demands from low-risk new product introduction to higher volume production. You can remove fermentation by-products that negatively impact flavor and odor. You can avoid damaging thermal treatments when removing spoilage organisms. Compact, low maintenance and cost-effective, minimize waste, water and utility consumption while increasing production efficiency. Match the individual demands of your products with our specifically developed filtration systems.

Wine Production Process Steps - Why use our filtration consumables?

Specifically designed for wine, our dedicated product ranges provide an optimal solution for every filtration step all the way to final filtration. They help preserve the organoleptic character of your wines,  help you control and successfully repeat your processes. Along with our products' intelligent design combining manual and automated systems, we ensure safe, reliable and optimized wine production.

Reduce your environmental footprint

The business case for sustainable manufacturing has never been stronger, with reducing water and energy usage at the heart of the challenge.  Our filtration systems allow you to optimize your water consumption during cleaning, recycle and reuse the water used in your processes, recover energy from heat generated during cleaning and sterilization, and optimize your use of filtration consumables to maximize their shelf-life. Less water and energy used means a lower environmental footprint and more sustainable manufacturing, without affecting the quality of your wine. 


Cellar filtration clarifies your wine, reducing turbidity and removing tartaric acid crystals prior to being stored in tanks. Some wines (mainly whites) are pre-cooled to precipitate tartaric crystals. With our products you benefit from:

  • Cartridges that are completely traceable
  • Filters that comply with EU regulations No 21/2011 and No 1935/2004
  • Robust design with high resistance to both mechanical and chemical stress
  • Inert filter media
  • Fully sanitized and re-usable filters
  • Intense filtration areas that enable a high throughput

Jumbo Star Sartopure® PP filters with pleated surfaces

Jumbo Star Sartopure® PP cartridges combine the highest filtration area on the smallest footprint on the market. Particle-rich beverages can be filtered with Jumbo Star cartridges that are easily and efficiently backwashed with water. This allows for a significant reduction of filtration area, filter consumption and overall costs for filtration.

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Sartoflow® Compact for wine filtration

Sartoflow® systems designed for wine clarification and final cellar filtration. The hollow-fiber technology provide enhanced flow performance for heavy red wines. Scale up concept based on multiple module options.

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Quality control which comprises filtering small samples for tasting and presentation and checking the clogging index (CI) of each wine to determine its filterability, a precaution we recommend. Our Midicaps capsules allow you to filter small samples for tasting and presentation. They:

  • Enable pre-filtration and sterile filtration of your wine samples
  • Benefit from re-usable filters
  • Have different size and pore rating of filters for all sampling volumes
  • Are easy and fast to use

Midicaps® Capsules

When small volumes of wine need to be filtered for their presentation and tasting, Midicaps® capsules simplify your filtration in complete safety while respecting your wines. Our winemakers recommend to filter your wines with the same filter material (polypropylene, fiberglass) on your bottling lines using ready-to-use filtration capsules.

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Clogging Index

Before filtration, it is very important to check the clogging index (CI) of wines to determine each wine's filterability, evaluate the kieselguhr filtration quality or verify the good working conditions of the crossflow. The value of the CI will predict the possible clogging of the filters on the bottling line. We provide a 5 liter stainless steel vessel for the filtration of wine samples that can also be used for the measurement of the clogging index and Vmax.

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Sterile filtration ensures optimum retention of microorganisms and microbial safety before bottling. This includes cost-effective pre-filtration, whereby contaminants are removed by lower cost filters to protect and increase the life span of final filters. With our products you benefit from:

  • Lower cost pre-filtration filters that remove contaminants, thereby protecting and increasing the life span of final filtration filters

  • Filters that comply with EU regulations No 21/2011 and No 1935/2004

  • Filters which guarantee consistent quality

  • Filters produced with lot numbers to enable complete traceability

  • Asymmetric membranes that deliver high throughput

  • Low adsorption membranes

  • High chemical compatibility

  • Correlation studies between bacterial or yeast challenge and diffusion test

Sartopure® IND Particle Reduction Filter Cartridges

Sartopure® IND cartridges are developed for a wide range of industrial prefiltration. They combine a high dirt holding capacity, protective abilities and extremely high flow rates. Sartopure® IND cartridges are easy to clean for an efficient regeneration if necessary.

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Sartopure® GF+ Adsorptive High Capacity Filter Cartridges for Food & Beverage

Sartopure® GF Plus cartridges are optimized for the protection of downstream membrane filter systems and clarification in food and beverage applications. Due to their high adsorptive power by glass fiber fleeces, they are the ideal solution for removal of colloids from beverages.

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Manual Filtration Skids & CIP system - Essential range

The manual filtration skids from the essential range are designed for the clarification and/or micro-organisms retention before wine bottling up to 5000 bottles/hour. They can be connected to a CIP System.

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Vinosart® PS Filter Cartridges

The 0.45 μm and 0.65 μm Vinosart® filter cartridges have been specially developed for the filtration of still or sparkling wines. Constructed with a single asymmetric filtration membrane, this range of filters ensures optimum retention of microorganisms present in the wine with the optimal throughputs and lowest filtration costs. 

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Sartobev® PS Membrane Filter for Particle, Colloids and Bioburden Reduction

Sartobev® PS filter cartridges incorporate a PES membrane. This polyethersulfon membrane has been developed to meet the demanding process requirements in terms of pressure pulsation and sterilization cycles in the beverage industry. Sartobev® PS achieves maximum total throughput to minimize the filtration costs. 

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Custom Engineered Filtration Skids and CIP Systems

These industrial skids are dedicated to filtration processes before wine bottling or Bag-In-Box lines. They are based on cartridge filtration technology and have been designed to ensure the removal of beverage specific micro-organisms and other contaminants by microfiltration. Three ranges are available: manual, semi-automated or fully automated.

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Sartocheck® mini Automated Filter Integrity Tester

Ensure 100% reliable filling by testing all final membrane filters with our automated testing system Sartocheck® mini.

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Jumbo Star Manual Filtration System

Clarification Prior To Sterile Filtration Before Filling

Manual Filtration Skid & CIP - Essential Range

Clarification & Micro-Organisms Retention Before Wine Bottling

Custom Engineered Filtration Skid

Find out what sustainable benefits the automated engineered filtration skid has from a customer's perspective.

FAQs – Filtration systems that ensure pure, top quality wine

You can safely filter all colors of wines on filter cartridges from clarification to final filtration prior bottling with the following benefits:

  • Improved clarity: filter cartridges can help to remove particles and sediments from the wine, improving its clarity and visual appeal.
  • Enhanced flavor: by removing unwanted substances, filter cartridges can help to enhance the flavor of the wine, preserving its organoleptic properties.
  • Consistency: The use of filter cartridges can contribute to maintaining consistency across various wine batches.
  • Manage your filtration expenses effectively.

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Filtration in wine production is a crucial process that not only clarifies and stabilizes the wine before bottling but also ensures the preservation of its body, aroma, and taste. It offers several benefits including waste reduction, energy efficiency, quality improvement, water conservation, and a decrease in chemical use.

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Filtration Solutions - For Food and Beverage Applications Only

PDF | 936.7 KB

Sartoflow® Compact Proven Technology for Wine Filtration

PDF | 3.0 MB

Sartopure® GF Plus the Depth Filter for Adsorptive Retention

PDF | 1.2 MB

Sartovent® - The Ideal Safeguard for Sanitary Tanks

PDF | 2.5 MB

Sartovent® DG Sterile Venting of Transport Containers

PDF | 270.3 KB

Midisart® 2000 Ready-To-Use Filter for Sterilizing Gases and Venting

PDF | 763.9 KB

Vinosart® PS — Cost efficiency at its best

PDF | 424.4 KB

Sartobev PS - Membrane Filter for Particle, Colloids, and Bioburden Reduction in Food & Beverage Applications

PDF | 748.2 KB

Sartopure® IND Particle Reduction Filter Cartridges

PDF | 397.6 KB

JumboStar Sartopure®: High Capacity Particle & Bioburden Reduction Filter Cartridges for Beverage Applications

PDF | 341.1 KB

Clean In Place System (CIP) - Essential Range

PDF | 263.7 KB

Filtration of Wine Samples and Measure of the Wine Clogging Index

PDF | 400.1 KB

Jumbo Star Sartopure® GF Plus

PDF | 455.2 KB

Manual Filtration Skid - Essential Range : Filtration Systems for Wines, Flavoured Wines, Sparking Wines

PDF | 286.2 KB

Système de Nettoyage en place - Gamme Essentielle

PDF | 260.8 KB

Palette de filtration manuelle - Gamme Essentielle

PDF | 280.9 KB

Jumbo Star Filtration System

PDF | 1.7 MB

Système de filtration Jumbo Star

PDF | 3.3 MB

Sistema de filtración Jumbo Star

PDF | 1.7 MB
White Paper

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Wine Filtration

PDF | 375.2 KB
White Paper

Réduction de l’impact de la filtration du vin sur l’environnement

PDF | 389.5 KB
White Paper

Ridurre l’impatto ambientale della filtrazione del vino

PDF | 658.2 KB
White Paper

Jumbo Star System for Diatomaceous-Earth-Free Filtration of Wine

PDF | 882.8 KB
White Paper

Système Jumbo Star pour la filtration du vin sans terre de diatomées

PDF | 874.7 KB
White Paper

Sistema Jumbo Star per la filtrazione del vino senza farina fossile

PDF | 349.2 KB

Custom Engineered Filtration Solutions

PDF | 2.9 MB

Jumbo Star Filtration Systems for Food & Beverage

PDF | 3.4 MB

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