Optimize Sample Throughput, Accuracy and Precision of Results When Determining Moisture Content in Your Cannabis Samples

Determining the moisture content of cannabis and products derived from it is critical throughout the entire manufacturing process - from harvesting to packaging of the finished product.  Water content influences a variety of factors including – product weight, active ingredient concentrations (THC), shelf life, susceptibility to contamination, flavor profiles, product consistency and more. Excess moisture can subject cannabis and related products to a higher risk of microbial contamination, including bacteria, fungi, and various forms of yeast.  Contamination due to elevated moisture levels can thus prematurely shorten the shelf life of cannabis products. Consequently, an accurate analysis of moisture content in cannabis ensures product safety, as well as compliance with numerous state and local regulations. As a result, cannabis industry professionals will require easy, accurate, and fast methods of moisture analysis that can handle increasing levels of sample throughput.

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Conner D. Griffeth, COO, and his business partner and father, George Griffeth (from left to right) in their lab at LevelOne - a state-of-the-art testing facility for Cannabis.

After extensive analysis time developing testing and measurement protocols for moisture analysis in cannabis, see what Conner D. Griffeth, COO, Level One Labs had to say about Sartorius moisture analyzers and their application in cannabis testing laboratories. 

“The Sartorius moisture analyzers have been a great addition to our lab. They are simple to use, efficient, accurate and the ability to add more modules to maintain throughput was huge for us.” 
 Conner D. Griffeth, COO, Level One Labs

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Sartorius Solutions for Moisture Analysis

Determination of Cannabis Moisture Content

Flexible, fully automated, easy to use Infrared Moisture Analyzer MA 160 for fast, reliable and traceable results.

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Mark 3 HP Modular Infrared Moisture Analyzer with Quartz Heater

High-resolution analytical weighing system enables precise and reproducible measurement of even very dry samples below 1 % moisture and therefore makes it an economical and reliable alternative to the Karl-Fischer titration and drying oven methods.

Discover the Mark 3

Application Note: Moisture Content Determination in Cannabis Inflorescence

Moisture is an important process parameter for the processing of cannabis, either to monitor the curing process or before the extraction of cannabis, where certain moisture limits must not be exceeded or undercut. 

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