Type 1 Lab Water Systems

Designed to Deliver Pure Performance

The arium® ultrapure water series offers an exceptionally wide range of modular-designed systems for producing Type I ultrapure water. To suit your individual ultrapure water requirements, you can choose between two model versions, the arium® mini and the arium® pro.

arium® mini – The Only System with Integrated Bagtank Technology

Compact ultrapure water system

You need an ultrapure water system, flexible and independent of a permanent water connection?

The recently developed arium® mini is independent of a permanently installed water supply line and ideally suited for Type 1 ultrapure water needs ranging up to 10 liters per day.

The standard version of arium® mini is independent of a stationary water tap. The feed water is pumped from a container, which is filled with pretreated water, directly into the 5-liter arium® Bag. There, the water is stored safely for high-quality Type 1 water purification on demand. As a result, fresh ultrapure water of 18.2 megohms will be dispensed at up to 1 liter per minute for your critical analysis.

Unique bagtank Integrated on the Side of the System
The disposable arium® Bag is easy to exchange in less then 5 minutes, enabling you to easily renew your storage tank. This eliminates not only time-intensive cleaning, but also hazardous sanitization. Moreover, the arium® Bag integrated on the side reliably prevents secondary contamination of your purified water, ensuring constant water quality over the long term.

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arium® mini essential – The new system for laboratories featuring DI water taps

Your laboratory provides a connection that supplies you with pretreated (RO | DI | EDI) water? Then you best meet your daily requirements for Type 1 ultrapure water with the new arium® mini essential.

This space-saving system will be directly connected to the on-site DI water line of your lab and thereby manages completely without storage tanks for intermediate storage. The directly supplied DI feed water will be immediately subjected to the ultrapure water purification process.

With this technology, the new arium® mini essential completes our portfolio of systems for Type 1 lab water purification while providing you with all of the innovations and benefits of the arium® mini product family:

  • For a Type 1 ultrapure water requirement of 10 liters a day
  • Optional UV lamp, especially for analytical applications
  • Color touch display for intuitive to use direct access to all dispensing options

arium® pro Application-oriented Ultrapure Water System

The custom-configured arium® pro series

The arium® pro Type 1 ultrapure water systems inspire with their practical, application-oriented design that will make your daily lab work easier. They deliver up to 2 liters per minute of consistently high-quality Type 1 water with 0.055 μS/cm, ensuring the best reproducible results.

Application-specific Systems
The arium® pro series offers you the widest selection of application-oriented systems for optimum adaptation to your specific needs. Sartorius gives you a flexible choice of options so you can select what's best for your application, such as an integrated ultrafilter for bioapplications and a UV lamp for analytical applications. These will not only save you money, but will also optimize the quality of your results.

Absolutely Reliable Measurement of Organic Impurities
Particularly for your analytical applications, the system can also be equipped with a TOC monitor. This calibrated unit ensures constant, reliable monitoring of TOC levels.

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