• Raw material characterization and screening to assist in raw material selection and decrease variability in up and downstream processes
  • Evaluation of scale-up and comparability of cell culture processes
  • Historical data analysis to reveal opportunities for improved process performance and more consistent product quality

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Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA) techniques are being increasingly used for scale and batch-to-batch comparison investigations to support or derive process understanding and to ultimately improve the quality, safety and efficacy of a drug product.

SIMCA® is the benchmark software tool for scientists, engineers, researchers, product developers and others striving to gain information from large quantities of data.

This software tool enables easy post-batch interpretation and analysis of large process data sets, gives a summary of all types of process information, key trends, correlations and patterns all in one convenient data model and permits faster troubleshooting. As a result, this reduces the risk of costly downtime.

Minimum System Requirements

Processor1.5 GHz
Free Hard Disk Space1 GB
Screen Resolution1024 x 768 color display
Operating SystemWindows® 7 or 8

Demo Version

The demo will work for 30 days after the first installation and cannot be reinstalled on the same computer. Copy, Paste, Print, the Report Generator, and the COM-interface in the demo are disabled. All other functionality is available.

Full Version

SIMCA® requires an activation key that is 20 characters long (e.g. ABC12-EFGHI-34JKL-MN56O)



Tutorial batch modeling

Batch modeling of a yeast production using PCA and PLS.