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Learn how you can benefit from scalable technologies for process intensification, how Smart BioManufacturing can offer you competitive advantages, how you can integrate commercial single-use BioManufacturing facilities and much more. Stay up-to-date!

Designing a Next Generation Smart Biomanufacturing Facility

Viral Vector Bioprocessing Innovations and Challenges

How to speed up development for single use facilities with a novel intensified upstream platform

Process Intensification with Continuous Disposable Technology- A.S.A.P (Accelerated Seamless Antibody Purification)

Standardized End-to-End Bioprocess Platforms Mitigate Risks

Integration Strategies for Commercial Single-Use Biomanufacturing Facilities

Competitive Advantage from Smart BioManufacturing Platforms

Continuous Manufacturing Reduces Costs for an Emerging Biosimilar Company

Game Changing Innovations for mAb, rProteins and Biosimilar development

Continuous and Intensified Bioprocessing: A Practical Guide

Scalable Technologies for Process Intensification in the Biomanufacturing Facilities of the Future

Trends and challenges in Vaccine manufacturing

Innovations for the vaccines industry

Interview - Development & Implementation of Continuous & Intensified Bioprocesses

Trends and challenges in mAb biomanufacturing

Trends and challenges in ADC biomanufacturing

Continuous & Intensified bioprocessing - A talk by Gerben Zijlstra at ESACT 2017

Miriam Monge in discussion with Dan Stanton, Editor of Bioprocess Insider, at Biotech Week 2018, Boston, MA

Gerben Zijlstra in discussion with Dan Stanton, Editor of Bioprocess Insider, at Biotech Week 2018, Boston, MA

Single-use cell based vaccine production

Platform in a briefcase

ABL Europe's viral vector production facility

Benefit from our Expertize – We Design your Biomanufacturing Process

Bioprocess Development Engineering

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