Bioanalytical Testing

Characterize your biologic therapy candidate

We know that when it comes to analysis of your samples, there is no room for compromise. Our R&D teams have worked to create tools that are precise and accurate that yield reproducible, conclusive results.

If you are looking for an expert solution, our in-house team, with extensive knowledge of both technical and regulatory requirements, specializes in cell-based assays and in molecule characterization.

The Foundation for All Assays: Arium Ultrapure Water Systems

Consistent high water quality is foundational to reliable results. Eliminate RNases and endotoxins and reduce TOC to optimize your research.

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Accuracy, Precision, Reliability: Picus Electronic Pipette

Eliminate user variability with motor-controlled dispensing and plate tracking to allow your lab to consistently deliver reproducible results.

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BioOutsource Bioanalysis and Characterization Services

Take advantage of our expertise in development, qualification, and validation of biological assays in pre-clinical studies to commercialization.

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