Fast, Reliable and Traceable Moisture Analysis in Food Products

Accelerate your moisture measurement times and processes with Sartorius Moisture Analyzers

In hardly any industry the moisture content plays such an important role as in the food sector as it directly influences the quality, taste, texture and shelf life of the products. Therefore the moisture content is measured from the raw material, through various processing steps to the end product to ensure stable processes and a consistent quality.

Oven drying is the most widespread method for measuring the moisture content and has been described in many in-house standard operating procedures (SOPs) and various statutory guidelines and regulations, but it is very time consuming. Moisture analyzers are a much faster and easy to use alternative. Therefore the use of moisture analyzers is advisable to accelerate measurement times and to determine moisture content as a key criterion in supporting a process workflow.

Decades of experience and a big variety of different instruments for almost all kinds of requirements make sure that you find the instrument fitting best to your application in our portfolio.

Compact Sartorius MA Infrared Moisture Analyzers

Explore our variety of compact moisture analyzers for daily routine laboratory applications in R&D, as well as quality and process control.

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Mark3 Moisture Analyzer

Modular Mark 3 Moisture Analyzers for every industry

A flexible moisture analyzer system with optional modular add-ons for labs and production facilities.

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Microwave Moisture Analyzer LMA200

Microwave based Moisture Analyzer for super-fast moisture analysis in liquid and pasty samples with a moisture content ranging from approx. 8 to 100%.

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Sample Testing Services

The Convenient and Reliable Way to Obtain Correct Results

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Moisture Analysis in Different Industries

Discover the many possible uses of Moisture analyzers in various branches.

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Moisture Content in Plastic

Key to stable injection molding processes and high-quality end products

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Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer

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Mark 3 Moisture | Solids Analyzer

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Moisture Analysis in the Snack and Food Industry

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Mark 3 Feuchtebestimmer

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Mark 3 Feuchte- | Feststoffbestimmer

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Feuchtebestimmung in Lebensmitteln

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