Moisture Determination in Plastic Resin & Raw Material - ASTM Standard D6980 Compliant

Key to stable injection molding processes and high-quality end products

Today plastic is one of the main raw materials for a huge variety of products. For the processing of the plastic resins to the end product by injection molding the moisture content is one of the most critical parameters. To obtain high quality end products the moisture content of the used resins must lie within a resin specific narrow range as the use of a too moist or too dry material would have a negative impact on the resulting product.

We have gained decades of experience and in-depth knowledge on moisture content analysis of plastic resins and thus optimized our instruments to meet our customers special needs. Our expertise and library of 30,000 settings for different plastic resins ( e.g. PVC, PP, PE, PS,PET, PVC and many more) offer you an easy and reliable moisture analysis solution for all your plastic raw materials. 

Use our knowledge to determine even the lowest moisture content reliable and easy within minutes and improve your processes and the quality of your products. 

Sartorius Mark3 HP– Plastic Moisture Analyzer

Sartorius Mark 3 HP is the perfect solution for the determination of plastic moisture content. Its high-resolution weighing system and its special design enable the Mark3 HP to precisely analyze the moisture content of even very dry samples. 

This makes the Mark 3 a genuine ASTM compliant alternative to Karl-Fisher titration by being an easy to use solution without the use of harmful chemicals.

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Mark3 Plastics Datasheet

Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer - Application Examples Plastics Industry

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Datasheet: Mark 3 HP Moisture Analyzer — Modular Infrared Moisture Analyzer with Quartz Radiator

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Success Story: Moisture Analysis in the Plastics Processing

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