Smarter Decisions Made to Scale with the Celsius® Lab-Scale Solution 

A True End-to-End Integrated Freeze/Thaw System

Sartorius offers lab-scale Celsius® solutions for smarter and earlier process decisions in managing frozen drug substances. The Celsius® lab-scale platform enables freeze/thaw characterization in 30–100 mL single-use bags with full scalability to commercial-scale Celsius® platforms (CFT, FFT and FFTp).

Predict performances​

An end-to-end integrated approach for faster and more efficient testing and validation, assuring product quality at scale

Minimal volumes required

Minimal amount of product needed for economical and simple process development activities

Product stability

Same product contact material of freezing containers between lab and commercial-scale solutions

Scalable operations

Investigatory tools to establish optimal process conditions and ease freeze/thaw deployment at commercial scale



Create models to precisely simulate temperature profiles of different freeze/thaw technologies.



Reproduce freeze/thaw conditions using the same product contact material for scalability to all Celsius® commercial-scale solutions (Celsius® CFT, FFT and FFTp)



With a large variety of solutions, the Celsius® platform ensures a fast, economical and easy-to-adopt frozen transfer for process development.

Full Process Scalability From Lab to Commercial Scale 

Celsius® S3 Benchtop Freezing Platform

The Celsius® S3 Lab System combines freeze/thaw expertise and single-use technology to enable a seamless move from laboratory tests via process development to cGMP clinical and commercial production.

  • Reproduce identical freeze/thaw conditions obtained at commercial scale
  • Generate a consistent samples library to investigate product stability, storage and shipping process steps
  • Use a minimum working volume of product, managing costs and reducing waste

Explore Benchtop Freezing Platform

The Lab-Scale Solution that Offers a Glimpse of the Future 

Provide flexibility and predictability to expand future production with a lab-scale technology that replicates Celsius® commercial-scale solutions (Celsius® CFT, FFT and FFTp) by design. 


Celsius® CFT 

Celsius® FFT 

Celsius® FFTp 


Container plus benchtop freezer

Container plus benchtop freezer

Container plus benchtop freezer


From 1 to 100L scale vertical plate freezer 

Conventional/blast freezer performance 

Horizontal plate freezer performance 


Scale-up, scale-down, stability studies 

Scale-up, scale-down, stability studies

Scale-up, scale-down, stability studies

Container material 


Identical (option w/o thermowell) 

Identical (option w/o thermowell) 

Container range 

30mL - 100mL 

30mL - 100mL 30mL - 100mL 

Explore Celsius® CFT

Explore Celsius® FFT

Explore Celsius® FFTp

Expertise in Freeze/Thaw

Sartorius offers frozen storage and shipping solutions to meet the challenges of the biopharmaceutical cold chain, and the confidence that comes with having an experienced partner. With global operations and an extensive network of engineers and industry experts, Sartorius provides the technology, expertise and support that manufacturers need to succeed. 

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Evaluating Freeze-Thaw Processes in Biopharmaceutical Development

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Consult Our Experts

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