Celsius® S3 Benchtop Freezing Platform 

Offering Reliability at Scale  

The Celsius® S3 benchtop freezer is a small-volume controlled-rate freeze/thaw system with single-use containers that creates freeze/thaw kinetics scalable to production scale operations. This device is a process development tool to execute scale-up, scale-down and stability studies using a minimal amount of product. 

Replicate kinetics

Provide a reliable simulation of commercial-scale processes for seamless scalability by reproducing freezing and thawing process times

Process validation

Flexibility to process from 1 to 10 product samples, reproducible performances, and batch-to-batch consistency

One click data collection

Automated operation and data collection combined with accurate temperature monitoring at well-defined last-point-to-freeze location

Scale-down, scale-up, stability

Enable storage/transportation studies, formulation development, and stability studies for comprehensive freeze/thaw characterization activities

Controlled and Reproducible Freeze/Thaw Performance

The Celsius® S3 Benchtop Freezing Platform is comprised of the Celsius® S3 benchtop freezer and lab-scale Celsius® Pak 30 mL and 100 mL bags. This complete solution provides documented and reproducible processes facilitating validation of freeze/thaw operations with full scalability to commercial-scale Celsius® platforms (CFT, FFT, and FFTp).  


Celsius® S3 Benchtop Freezer

The Celsius® S3 Benchtop Freezer provides the ability to replicate commercial-scale plate (vertical/horizontal), blast, and conventional freeze/thaw methods for: 

  • Process development studies to understand decoupling steps during downstream processing, such as frozen storage of drug substances.  

  • Scale-down freezing studies to assess extended cooling and thawing profile of drug substance using minimal volumes  

  • Stability studies to simulate proposed packaging for production-scale freezing, storage, shipping, and thawing 

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Freezing Containers

Lab-Scale Celsius® Pak 30 mL and 100 mL Bags 

Lab-scale Celsius® Paks, available as 30 mL and 100 mL single-use bags, are made with the same product contact layer as commercial-scale Celsius® bags.

Celsius® Paks offer the following benefits: 

  • E&L profile consistency across all Celsius® containers 
  • In-line temperature monitoring capabilities 
  • Robust performance down to -80°C  
  • Compatible with the S3 Benchtop Freezer and conventional freeze/thaw method 

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