Freeze/Thaw Solutions for Seamless Scalability to Commercial Production

Safe, Reliable and Adaptive Frozen Transfer Solutions

Building on more than 15 years’ experience in designing freeze and thaw solutions, Sartorius offers lab-scale and production-scale solutions for every process step when frozen storage and frozen shipment are required. This allows biopharmaceutical manufacturers to effectively decouple downstream process steps and securely transport drug substances to drug product sites. With options that accommodate blast, horizontal and vertical plate freezers, the Celsius® platform offers an end-to-end, integrated approach that enables monitoring and controls to assure product quality and integrity at scale.

End-to-end freeze/thaw platform solutions

Safely and confidently manage the entire cold chain, from filling and freezing to shipping, thawing and dispensing.

Compatible to any freezer type

Flexible implementation according to product and process needs

Assurance of supply

Unparalleled supply reliability based on control of manufacturing processes and global production operations.

Superior protection to mitigate risk

A system built on purpose-driven design to reduce manual handling of drug substance and minimize/prevent risk of cryoconcentration.

Robust by Design: Addressing New Challenges in Bulk Drug Substance Management

Up to 25% of vaccines are believed to be lost due to cold chain failures. Learn how Celsius® FFT and FFTp containers prevent losses.

Find the Right Celsius® Solution

Sartorius offers fully integrated, end-to-end freezing solutions, as well as the flexibility to introduce quality freezing containers into existing freeze/thaw operations and infrastructure. Explore freezing storage and shipping solutions based on infrastructure or product needs.


Celsius® CFT

Celsius® FFT

Celsius® FFTp


Complete platform

Container plus shippers

Container plus shippers

Freezer type

Vertical plate freezer

Conventional and blast freezer

Horizontal plate freezer

Controlled freeze/thaw


Possible in blast freezer


Load capacity

100L per thermal cycle

Depending on freezer type

200L per thermal cycle

Container range

1L – 16.6L

2L – 12L

6L – 12L

Explore Celsius® CFT

Explore Celsius® FFT

Explore Celsius® FFTp

End-to-End Platform Celsius® CFT

Celsius® CFT (Controlled Freeze and Thaw) is a fully integrated, end-to-end freeze/thaw solution that reduces risk by minimizing the handling of drug substance, while a controlled-rate plate freezing and thawing system minimizes cryoconcentration.

  • Proven performance to -80°C​

  • Complete solution from filling through draining​

  • A robust and reliable platform for cGMP manufacturing

Explore Celsius® CFT

Celsius® FFT: Stackable Freeze Containers for Simplified Operations

Celsius® FFT (Flexible Freeze and Thaw) is a sterile, pre-assembled, ready-to-use freeze container with a unique bag-in-shell system that works seamlessly in any conventional or blast freezer.

  • Proven performance to -80°C​

  • Leveraging existing freezer infrastructure​

  • Bulk processing with versatile multi-modal shipping solutions

Explore Celsius® FFT

Celsius® FFTp: SU Containers Designed for Horizonal Plate Freezers

Celsius® FFTp (Flexible Freeze and Thaw for Plate Freezer) offers the unique bag-in-shell system, but with a flatter, more compact design to fit perfectly against the surface of a horizontal plate freezer.

  • Proven performance to -80°C​

  • Fast and reproducible thermal cycling​

  • Purpose-designed box shippers

Explore Celsius® FFTp

AliquoT® Automated Filling 

​​AliquoT® automates drug substance distribution to Celsius® containers with high accuracy and cost savings without the risk of tolerance breach.​

Explore AliquoT®

Unparalleled Experience in Freeze and Thaw Solutions

Building on more than 15 years of expertise in freeze/thaw solutions, Sartorius offers frozen storage and shipping solutions to meet the challenges of the biopharmaceutical cold chain. With global operations and an extensive network of engineers and industry experts, Sartorius provides the technology, expertise and support manufacturers need to succeed.

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