Octet® Anti-CHO HCP Kit

For CHO Host Cell Protein Detection

  • Completely hands-off, walk-away HCP analysis
  • Fully analyzed HCP results for 96 samples in one hour
  • High precision assays with 5-10% CVs
  • Detection sensitivity as low as 0.5 ng/mL

Host cell proteins (HCPs) are contaminants found in biopharmaceuticals expressed in bacterial, yeast or mammalian production cell lines. Among protein expression cell lines, Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells are the most commonly used mammalian hosts for industrial production of recombinant protein therapeutics.

However, manufacturing and production processes of biopharmaceuticals often leave behind contaminating HCPs from CHO cells. These residual HCPs carry substantial risk of decreasing efficacy of the drug and causing adverse immunogenic reactions in patients. Hence, detecting residual HCP contaminants and methods to reduce them to the lowest acceptable levels are critical aspects of drug safety and qualification.

Cygnus Technologies has partnered to jointly develop the Octet® Anti-CHO HCP Kit for quantitation of residual HCPs. The Octet platform's rapid high throughput protein analysis combined with the broad HCP recognition and sensitivity of the industry-standard Cygnus 3G anti-CHO HCP antibody bring scientists the best of both worlds for HCP analysis.

Octet® Anti-CHO HCP Kit

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Octet Anti-CHO HCP Kit

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CHO Host Cell Protein Detection
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