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Sartorius’ Process Intensification Webinar Collection puts best practices, critical considerations, and expert insights at your fingertips.

What You Will Learn

  • Hear from Sartorius experts and review real-world examples showing the impact of process intensification.
  • Learn about critical considerations when planning an intensification strategy.
  • Review the latest technology for intensifying bioprocesses.

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Flexible Process Intensification to Meet Biopharma Challenges

In this webinar, Sartorius experts present the latest PI technologies,  including advanced Biostat® bioreactors integrated with PAT functionality controlled by the Biobrain® automation platform.

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Selecting An Optimal Upstream and Downstream Intensification Strategy

This webinar reviews intensified processing needs and solutions using a decision criteria matrix to determine the optimal upstream and downstream intensification strategy.

  • See modular and scalable USP & DSP solutions that deliver 4x the productivity

  • Learn how to cut upfront investment in half while increasing turnover by 50%

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Cell Line Development Tools For Rapid Prototyping of Intensified Bioprocesses

In this webinar, you will discover rapid prototyping tools to enable and assess intensification in cell line development.

  • Discover tools to select the right clones for intensified processes

  • Learn how early testing of intensified processes with Ambr® eliminates process development risks

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How Do You Balance Today’s Demands With Tomorrow’s Discoveries?

How to Intensify Upstream Process Development With Ambr® 15 & 250

This webinar shows why so many are turning to the Ambr® 15 and 250 to fast-track the screening and development of intensified cell culture processes.

  • Explore how Ambr® supports different modes of intensification: perfusion mimic, ATF and TFF

  • Assess the real-world impact of Ambr® through detailed case studies

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Biostat STR® and RM — an Unrivaled Modular Seed Train for Process Intensification

In this webinar, Sartorius experts present a modular, perfusion-enabled seed train featuring the Biostat® RM followed by a seamless seed transfer to the Biostat STR®.

  • Explore a modular, perfusion-enabled intensified seed train concept 

  • Assess the time/cost benefits based on pre-determined process type (e.g., fed-batch, n-1 perfusion, etc.) and scalable process development 

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PAT and Data Analytics: Missing Pieces of the Upstream Process Intensification Puzzle

If downstream risks associated with higher upstream titers is a barrier to intensification, PAT and Data Analytics are the puzzle pieces missing from your big picture.

  • Learn how PAT and data analytics can address downstream risks of upstream process intensification  

  • Discover Sartorius PAT and data analytics tools across the product lifecycle 

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Media Management in an Intensified Process

This webinar covers three critical issues surrounding media management in intensified processes: media compositions, scheduling and quality.

  • Learn how to model and prepare for different media compositions
  • Understand how to mitigate the risk of facing quality issues or process failure

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Enabling Broader Adoption of Process Intensification in Biopharma

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Using Data Analytics to Optimize Process Intensification

Learn how biopharmaceutical decision-makers can use data analytics to align upstream and downstream intensified strategy.

  • Use a decision-making matrix to select an optimal intensified strategy 
  • Understand the role of data analytics in implementing process intensification 

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Overcoming Facility Constraints Posed by Process Intensification

This webinar delivers insights into how your current facility layout and process flow can get in the way of achieving their full potential when intensifying processes.

  • Understand the media/buffer requirements in USP and DSP for different process intensification scenarios
  • Learn to optimize the scheduling and footprint of media/buffer management to handle consumption levels

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Implementing N-1 Perfusion Process at a Biosimilars Manufacturer

This webinar presents how Intas Pharmaceutical, a leading biosimilars product manufacturer, targeted seed train intensification as a viable entry point to explore intensified manufacturing.

  • Discover the value of seed train intensification in manufacturing scenarios.
  • Learn about the various approaches that can be taken to intensify the seed train

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