Process intensification (PI) dramatically increases biomanufacturing productivity. But PI can also introduce the challenge of increased media volumes and how to manage them in upstream processes.

Media management is a key consideration for manufacturers implementing process intensification in their upstream processes. In this webinar, attendees will learn how to address media storage, utilization and quality issues in intensified processes.

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Key Learning Objectives

Attendees will walk away with key insights about the important role of media management in any process intensification strategy. They will:

  1.     Learn how to model and prepare for different media compositions.
  2.     Review strategies for scheduling and utilization of media management equipment .
  3.     Understand how to mitigate the risk of facing quality issues or process failure.

Meet Our Experts

Stuart Tindal

Product Manager Flexact Platform

Stuart is an organic chemist upskilled to a biochemical process engineer and process analytical technology subject matter expert for the bioprocess industry. He is from Scotland but relocated to other European countries over the past few years and is now currently residing in Goettingen, Germany. Stuart has worked in the technical and commercial field of bioprocess technology for the past 14 years. He gained 9 years of technical sales & marketing experience in single-use automation/sensors and process analytical technologies and now works as a Product Manager for Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH. Prior to that, he gained 5 years of biochemical engineering experience in form of a process development scientist and biochemical engineering doctorate work.

Myriam Lavie

Senior Product Manager | Fluid Management Technologies

Myriam Lavie is a Senior Product Manager for Fluid Management Technologies at Sartorius, where she oversees single-use mixers. She has more than 13 years of engineering and marketing experience in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and has participated in the design, implementation and validation of several single-use systems. Myriam graduated from École des Mines outside of Paris, France.

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