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Choose the Right Clones, Leverage High Cell Density Cell Banking, and De-Risk Process Development 

As drug portfolios become increasingly diverse with more complex molecules that have higher development costs, biopharmaceutical manufacturers are turning to process intensification to increase efficiency, improve productivity, shorten timelines, and reduce production costs. Intensification in cell line development and early process development is the ideal starting point to achieve these goals.

In this webinar, Sartorius experts review rapid prototyping tools to enable and assess intensified processes in cell line development. See how these tools help biopharma companies select clones suitable for intensification, leverage high cell density cell banking to shorten seed trains, and conduct early testing of intensified process to reduce risk, ultimately improving productivity and reducing COGS.

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Key Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about tools that support the selection of the right clones for intensified processes.

  2. Get to know how high cell density cell banks in 5 mL vials speed up early process development by shortening seed trains.

  3. Discover how early testing of intensified processes using Ambr® technology can take the risk out of process development.

Meet Our Expert

Dr. Dirk Müller

Manager Product Development Media and Process, Sartorius

Dirk Müller, PhD, heads a product development team in the Cell Line, Media & Testing Solutions (CMTS) unit of Sartorius. Dirk obtained his PhD in Biochemical Engineering from Stuttgart University and conducted postdoctoral research in Computational Systems Biology at ETH Zurich. Before joining Sartorius, he held several positions at Insilico Biotechnology, including team lead for optimization of mammalian and microbial bioprocesses using predictive computational cell models. In his current role, Dirk leads a group developing media formulations for mammalian cell lines and early stage cell culture processes with a propensity for intensified process formats. 

Mr. Patryk Kujawa

Senior Scientist, Cell Banking Manufacturing, Sartorius

Patryk Kujawa, MSc, is a Senior Production Scientist at Sartorius where he is responsible for leading GMP cell bank manufacturing projects and leading a team of manufacturing technologists.  He earned his Msc in Biotechnology from University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Poland and has worked in a variety of manufacturing positions across medical devices and biopharmaceutical manufacturing Patryk utilizes a variety of single-use production systems in his work, from concept design through prototypes testing up to qualification and commissioning for GMP use. Prior to joining Sartorius, Patryk worked for Polpharma Biologics in Gdansk, Poland as a Manufacturing Specialist. As a GMP manufacturing expert, he was project leader in the design and introduction of single-use technology to a GMP manufacturing suite.

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