Strategies for Effective Cell Line Development eBook

Approximately 70% of all recently approved biopharmaceuticals were recombinant proteins expressed from mammalian cell lines. In turn, the need for more stable, scalable, and high-titer cell lines is on the rise. With the global cell line development (CLD) market estimated to grow to more than $9.8 billion (CAGR ~12.5%), this demand shows no signs of slowing down. More and more companies and institutions are looking for ways to streamline and expedite the CLD process to meet market demand.

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  • Key and points to consider during the CLD workflow
  • The impact early, data-driven decision-making can have on later stages of development
  • How to accelerate process optimization by incorporating innovative analytical techniques

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Webinar: Streamline CLD Workflows With Integrated Instruments

Watch this webinar to learn how the iQue®3, Octet® and Ambr® 15 CC platforms, combined with Sartorius expertise, can help streamline early cell line development with an integrated solution that is data-driven at every step.

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