Identifying and selecting optimal clones that secrete high levels of antibody into the culture supernatant is critical to the cell line development process. Current methods identify optimal antibody producers by measuring IgG concentration. The iQue® Human IgG Titer and Viability kit, rapidly correlates IgG quantitation along with cell health and growth readouts in a single, cost-effective assay.


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Complete IgG quantitation (per cell and total IgG produced) in addition to cell density information provides a more accurate picture as to which clones are optimal producers.

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Rapid Multiplexed Profiling of Antibody Dependent Cell Cytotoxicity

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A High Throughput Multiplexed Antibody Internalization Assay

A high throughput, multiplexed, no wash assay was used to simultaneously measure antibody internalization, antibody specificity, and cell health.

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Technology Brief: Cy-Clone PLUS

Rapid, Straight-Forward Analysis Empowers Cell Line Development

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iQue®️ High-Throughput Cytometry Platform Brochure

The iQue® 3 High-Throughput Screening Cytometry Platform allows researchers to acquire and analyze high content, multiplexed assays.

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iQue 3 and computer monitor

iQue®️ HTS by Cytometry Platform

Accelerate your research by resolving complex cellular research questions via multiplexed analysis in a single well.

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Octet® BLI Label-Free Detection Systems

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