Residual Protein A Detection Kit

For Quantitation of Leached Protein A in Bioprocess Samples

  • Quantitation of recombinant Protein A constructs and MabSelect SuRe™
  • Sensitivity down to 100 pg/mL
  • Automated detection with minimal hands-on time
  • Analyze 96 samples in under 2 hours on the Octet HTX system

The Ready BLI Detection Kit - Residual Protein A (RPA) applies the principles of biolayer interferometry (BLI) to enable sensitive, accurate quantitation of leached Protein A in bioprocess samples while maintaining a simple workflow. The kit utilizes a validated sample treatment method for dissociating Protein A from antibodies that does not require boiling, neutralization, or centrifugation steps.

Dip and Read RPA biosensors with pre-immobilized chicken anti-Protein A antibody are sequentially dipped into treated samples, buffers, and detection antibody arrayed in 96-well microplates to create a microscale immunoassay on the biosensor tip. Signal detection occurs in real time at the secondary antibody step without need for conjugates or enzymatic reactions.

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MAb Quantitation Protein A HPLC vs Protein A Bio-Layer Interferometry

Rapid, accurate and cost-effective quantitation of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) is essential for bioprocessing.

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Residual Protein A Detection Kit

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