Octet® SAX2 Biosensors

For High Precision and Reproducible Kinetic Characterization and Custom Quantitation

  • QC-tested to limit biotinylated ligand loading variance, providing lot-to-lot biosensor consistency
  • Minimal lot-to-lot biosensor variance enables confident detection of variance from samples
  • Rapid and stable capture of biotinylated molecules

Streptavidin-coated surfaces are widely used as a simple and straightforward method of molecular immobilization. Utilized with Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI), Streptavidin biosensors enable quick and easy modification and customization of the biosensor with any biotin-tagged molecule for quantitative and kinetic measurements. The Octet® SAX2 biosensors are high precision streptavidin biosensors that were specifically developed and qualified for applications in downstream drug discovery and regulated environments that have stringent assay precision requirements.

Octet® SAX2 biosensors are QC-tested at Sartorius to meet our precision-controlled lot-to-lot coefficient of variation (CV) specification of <20% for binding of biotin-tagged molecule onto the biosensor. Within lot, Octet® SAX2 biosensors are QC-tested to meet CV of <4%.

Range of Applications

Octet® SAX2 biosensors are designed and optimized for applications that require minimal variation from consumables, to allow for accurate measurements of variance from samples. These biosensors are best suited for:

  • Product release QC
  • Activity assays in manufacturing
  • Highly precise titer determination

Octet® SAX2 Biosensors

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