Anti-hIgG Fc Capture (AHC) Biosensors

For Label-Free Immobilization and Subsequent Kinetic Characterization of Human IgG or other Human Fc-containing Proteins

  • Capture-based immobilization of human Fc-containing proteins
  • Regenerable and cost-effective format
  • Compatible with crude samples and complex media

Anti-Human IgG Fc Capture (AHC) biosensors enable kinetic characterization of macromolecular interactions between human Fc-containing proteins and target analytes. Immobilization of human Fc-containing proteins is achieved through a factory immobilized anti-human Fc-specific antibody whose high-affinity for the human Fc domain provides the stable baseline required for demanding kinetics applications. Cost-effective regeneration of the biosensors and the ability to directly immobilize human Fc-containing proteins from crude matrices make the AHC biosensor extremely useful in high throughput applications.

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Anti-hIgG Fc Capture (AHC) Biosensors

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